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For topics on Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture and associated enterprise-level features and products. Potential topics could include integrations in and around Teradata, Aster, and Hadoop as well as supporting technologies like Connectors, QueryGrid, Backup/Restore, Multi-Systems, and the Unity product suite (Director, Loader, Data Mover, Ecosystem Manager).

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CONVERT and DATEDIFF in Teradata Topic by aolympio 13 Apr 2009

Hi!I want to know how can I use these commands (from SQL Server) in Teradata because i need to obtain the similar functionality: and .For example:SELECT FIELD FROM TABLE1 WHERE (DATEDIFF(ss,(SELECT FIELD1 FROM TABLE1), SOME_DATE));SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(23),ACM_DATE,121) FROM TABLE1;Thanks for help,Anderson

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BT/ET Topic by SN 21 May 2008

hi,this is regarding the BT/ET feature, in reference to the post 'Transaction' on 05/19 and Fred's response (good info!)I am just trying to understand.....if coding as BT;stmt 1;stmt 2;stmt 3;ET;doesnt really make it as a one single explicit transaction (meaning stmt one is not rolled back if stmt 2 fails) andcoding as BT;stmt 1;stmt 2;stmt3;ET; makes it as one implicit transaction (even without BT & ET which is true)----> what is the use of the explicit BT/ET feature?I referred TD manual..but is sounds like both format revert all sql stmts in case of failure.........any thoughts??thx

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Cast and format Topic by Seneg 10 Feb 2014

Hi !
First, i want to apologize for my english. I'm french and my english is very bad.
I have a problem with an extract with MLoad.
When i try to converte a VARCHAR like '70,37' in DECIAML(6,2) with :
CAST('70,37' as DECIMAL(6,2) format 'ZZZZ,ZZ')
Teradata return 7037,00 not 70,37

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First Teradata Aster Certification Exam Released Topic by TCPP-Admin 08 Aug 2016

The Teradata Certified Professional Program is excited to announce the release of  the first Teradata Aster Certification Exam – Teradata Aster Basics 6.10.  Passing this exam will earn you the Teradata Aster Certified Professional Credential.  Start preparing today and you’ll be one of the first to get Teradata Aster Cert

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CREATE NEW TABLE with COLUMNS FROM four QUERIES + CONSTANT Fields Topic by MBSconnection 15 Jul 2013

I am newbie to databases and TeraData and MS TD SQL assistant.
I am trying to create a TBL from 4 different queries run seperately(manually)
I have a code for Select queries to Pull data but I do not know how would I create MyTable from 4 queries + additional 5 columns have to be added in a New Table that are not a part of any Table/View or Query.

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Collect Stats n Refresh Stats Topic by Yuva 10 Nov 2006

What are factors to decide how much time it should take for "collect statistic" and "refresh statistic"?My question is related to time it takes for "collect statistic" and "refresh statistic"?

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Teradata DSA online backup Topic by Hustler 24 Mar 2016

Hi Everybody,
I have few questions around online backups.
Sol& Tools: Currently we are planning to use Teradata DSA(TDSA) solution with NetBackup  tool. The amount of data to be backed up is currently around say 10TB. Backing to disks not the tapes
** Abbreviations:
(TDSA)- Teradata Data stream architecture solution.

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How to create a Macro passing table names as the parameter Topic by bramam 12 Nov 2007

I am writing sql for 2 different lines of business. Everything in the code is the same except for 2 table names (where I'm selecting from and inserting into).I would like to use the macro but it doesn't work with how I'm writing it. Any suggestions? This would help so much on maintenance becuase everything is the same except for the 2 table names.Here's what I have so far that isn't working.CREATE MACRO CRTCL (RPT_TABLE VARCHAR(40), SO_TABLE1 VARCHAR(40)) as (INSERT INTO hs_rpt_tbls.tps_work2SELECT RP.per_end_dt, BE.rgn_no, BE.assigned_ctr, SOSP.tps_spc_cd,SOSP.tps_idy_cd,SOSP.so_typ_cd,count(SOSP.so_dt)FROM :SO_TABLE1 SOSP,(SELECT per_end_dt, acctg_yr_sta_dt from hs_db.rptg_per group by 1,2) as RP,(SELECT rgn_no, assigned_ctr, un_no FROM hs_db.bugroup by 1,2,3) as BEWHERESOSP.so_crt_dt between RP.acctg_yr_sta_dt and RP.per_end_dtAND SOSP.un_no=BE.un_noGROUP BY 1, 2,3,4,5,6;);I would execute it using the following:EXECUTE CRTCL (‘dbname.so_table', ‘dbname.final_table);

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How can I get stats recommendation from Explain? Topic by Dino 08 Mar 2007

My friend told me I could useDIAGNOSTIC USESTATS ON FOR SESSION; to get recommended statistics in an Explain Plan for a Query. I have tried this in BTEQ and in Teradata Assistant and not been able to get it to work. Does anyone know how?Thanks.

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Cloudera 5.4 Generic Connection from Teradata Studio Topic by pavanmuniraju 27 Apr 2016 Cloudera hadoop, Teradata Studio 15.10, teradata hadoop connectors, webhdfs

Hi All,
Currently am trying to connect to Cloudera 5.4 Hadoop from Generic connector which is with Webhdfs from latest Teradata Studio, am not able to login I get the following error as in the screenshot. Is there any steps I need to follow to install some TDCH rpms in cloudera or use different drivers from studio. Any inputs will be so much helpful.

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TIMESTAMP in TeraDATA Topic by SeenuGuddu 06 Jul 2011


I am new to the Topics in Teradata and having the Column Table is


and the data in the Columns is '2009-01-16 02:29:08'

i want to select the data based on the Column for the Particular Month. any help will be appreciated

FROM Table
where Update_dts >= '2001-01-01' and Update_dts <= '2001-01-31';

i have tried with different scenarios but having the issues ...

FROM Table
where Update_dts = '2001-01-01' ;

FROM Table
where Update_dts = '2001-01-01 4:05:30 PM'

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Data Skew on a UPI table (with HIGH volume) - How? Topic by SayeeRamPrasad 31 Mar 2008

We've a SET table defined with a UPI that has 9.3 Million rows on a 1400 AMP, V2R6 Teradata system. Please look at the numbers below. The AMP that has the MAX rows has 3.47 times more rows than the AMP with the MIN rows. This does not make sense to me given the fact that we've a UPI and a high volume of rows in the table for an even distribution.xTimesGreaterMaxAvg - 1.56xTimesGreaterMaxMin - 3.47Mx - 1393664Avrg - 890657.07Mn - 401920CurPerm - 1282546176Can someone please shed some light on this? Is there something we can look at to improve data distribution? Any help would be greatly appreciated.PS: The table also has a PPI defined on a date field which is part of the UPI (if this matters).Thanks,Sayee.

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ecosystem explorer on a shared page Topic by knjtm0 10 Mar 2016 viewpoint, ecosystem explorer, Shared Pages, shared portlets

I want to create shared page with the ecosystem explorer job configured to show only certain columns.  I was successful creating a shared portlet to do this.  But, when I do this, the ability to click on the job and drill down into the job execution details is lost.  When I attempt to create a shared page, the ecosystem explorer is not one of the limited portlets available for this page.  The o

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convert varchar to timestamp Topic by sbadnikar 12 Mar 2009

I have a column in source strdate1 as VARCHAR(23) and the value being '20090310181010'.I am unable to insert this record into target table column whose data type is timestamp(0) using this query within the insert statement of course:-select cast (StrDate1 as TIMESTAMP(0)) from table OR select cast ('20090310181010' as TIMESTAMP(0))it says invalid timestamp.Please help

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Split delimited column into separate rows dynamically Topic by vels_info 25 Mar 2016 Split delimited column into separate rows

I have code as below,
sel * from testdb.maintable WHERE STATUS not in (10,11,13,16,17,20,21,23,26,27);
I need to remove the above hard coded status values and parametrize this piece of code. 
To parametrize, I'm using another parm table below where I have the above status values put it. 

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ecosystem explorer displaying blank / null uowid Topic by knjtm0 10 Mar 2016 uowid, ecosystem explorer

We have no events in the esm repository where the uowid is blank or null.  But, the 'Jobs' portlet displays a lot of rows with blank / null uowid, uowTS.  The "Status" column has a value of "NEW" in every case where the uowid is missing.  What is happening and how can I prevent this behaviour?  I tried adding a filter of UOWID <> '' or UOWID > 'a'.  These are return no data even though

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ecosystem explorer jobname not matching what is in the events Topic by knjtm0 10 Mar 2016 jobname, ecosystem explorer

We recently upgraded to ESM from TMSM in our dev / test environment.  It looks like the 'job' in the ESM explorer corresponds with the resourceid and not the JobName.  For example, an application "general ledger" (gl-prod) runs a data load that has multiple jobs.  The very first 'load' step has a job name like 'glload'.  Subsequent jobnames for the 'gl-prod' resourceid / applicationid, are like

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Data Mover Email Notification Topic by Kawish_Siddiqui 08 Mar 2016 data mover datamover teradata arc arcmain

Is there a way or option in datamover to send email notification on job completion (failure/cancelled/successful)?

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Teradata Upgrade Topic by naveen 05 Jun 2006

What are the changes in V2R6.1 and TTU8.1?

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Aster Data Pull from Hadoop (unable to see Active session on Hadoop) Topic by 14 Feb 2016 #Hadoop, #Load_from_hcatalog, #aster, #uda

There are few Aster Jobs which are pulling data from hadoop using load_from_hcatalog function. However, we couldn't see these jobs on Hadoop (as Active). Any idea how the data is being pulled from Hadoop? From where can we trace what is the Application ID against that job on Hadoop ?
Laeeq -

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Teradata SAP BEx connectivity and best practices Topic by sureshvasu 12 Feb 2016

Can Teradata be a back-end fo SAP BEx tool ? Are there any connectors now available ? Any best practices or watchouts ?
Anybody outhere already using BEx against Teradata ?

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Converting a string to Timestamp and checking if it has valid timestamp Topic by sinara 09 Feb 2016

Hi ,
  I am trying to write a select statement for converting a string to timestamp(6) and if string value  is missing or invalid timestamp , then it should have a default value as '0001-01-01 00:00:00:000000' . source field type is varchar(50). 

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Teradata TSM Extension for TSM tivbar library issue Topic by ozdemirufuk 23 Jan 2014

The TSM has been configured, TARA server and TARA Server Gui has been configured, I can see all the databases from target Teradata.
Arcmain itself works (just to confirm all connection details , IP and previliges for arc_user capable to run a backup to filesystem as flat file).
tarattdsmc work with "query tsm" I can see node platform as Teradata within TSM

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Data comparison between Teradata and oracle Topic by ASHU_123 06 Jan 2016

My source Data is in oracle and Target Data is in Teradata.Please  suggest any tool to compare Records between 2 diffrent RDBMS.
There are 500 Tables need to be compared.

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FORMAT m/d/yy column as DD/MM/YYYY Topic by deagle 08 Apr 2009

Hi all,I have a column coming down from an As400 extract. the format of this date column is m/d/yy, take the following date example1st of April 2009 ---> 4/1/09 on extract.I want to format this field as 'DD/MM/YYYY'.I keep getting an invalid date error.Any comments will help!!Thanks guys.

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