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klangston 2 posts Joined 02/10
12 Feb 2010
Which Express version for Win7 x64 w/ solid state drive?

Which Express version should I install for my Win7 x64 w/ solid state drive laptop?

(from )
Teradata Express for Windows?
Teradata Express for VMware Player?

Does it partition the drive when you install it? Am I running a huge risk by installing either of these on a solid state drive?

JimChapman 9 posts Joined 06/09
12 Feb 2010

Neither option entails partitioning any drives. But I would go with the VMWare version. It gives you a complete 64-bit Linux OS guest VM with Teradata already installed and configured, so it is trivial to set up if you have VMWare Player or Workstation.

JimChapman 9 posts Joined 06/09
15 Feb 2010

I should have mentioned that the one important hardware requirement for the VMWare version is that the host machine processor must have Intel virtualization enabled. This is a requirement generally for running a 64-bit guest OS in the VM.

ChinaGuy 41 posts Joined 09/09
15 Feb 2010

Teradata Express for Windows is 32-bit only. Therefore, if your W7 is 64-bit, I'd recommend you go with VMware edition.

walter.perz 6 posts Joined 02/10
18 Feb 2010

I've been running the 64-bit vmware version on a Win7 HP desktop (home premium) for a few weeks now with no errors. I also had it running on a core-2 duo laptop for a couple weeks. The only thing I had to do was enable VT in the BIOS on the laptop.

Good luck.


12 May 2010

What is the exact difference between Windows and the VMware version? Just that one is 32 bit and the other is 64 bit?

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