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Rao 9 posts Joined 09/06
24 Oct 2006
Where to download the Teradata database server and Utility packs

Hello Guys,Where can I get the downloads of Teradata software.ThanksRajesh

nithyanandam 65 posts Joined 10/04
25 Oct 2006

What kind of software download, you are looking for? If you are looking for a demo software, don't think, you can download from the web. You need to request for your personal copy.

XTUPIE 42 posts Joined 11/05
26 Oct 2006

HiYou can get/order a copy of TeraData Demo at


Greg Grater 1 post Joined 10/04
29 Jun 2007

Is there a place to *download* a developer edition of the Teradata database engine that can be run on Windows 2003? I ordered the boxed set through snail mail, but I could really use a developer edition now.

davidpracy 22 posts Joined 09/05
04 Jul 2007

The Teradata demo CD that you ordered will have everything that you need.

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