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amit.s 8 posts Joined 03/10
20 Mar 2010
What qualities should a TD-DBA possess?

Could anyone please enlist and explain what all qualities should one possess, in order to prove to be an excellent Teradata DBA?

lisabrandon123 7 posts Joined 04/10
20 Apr 2010

hey and can anyone assist me whats this TD-DBA IS?

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11 May 2010

Sharp, detail oriented and Good knowledge of Teradata DBA. Should have good communication abilities.

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Smarak 2 posts Joined 09/12
11 Sep 2012

A Teradata DBA should have the following skills:

(a) Sound understanding of Teradata Architecture.

(b) Efficient grasp on Teradata SQL & Advanced SQL.

(c) System Monitoring Knowledge.

(d) Data Modelling Skills.

(e) Script Development/Automation Skills.

(f) Query Optimization knowledge and experience.

(g) Understanding of Optimizer's oriented concepts like Skewness, Spool Usage etc. (Query Explain Plan Understandability).


Besides these above skills, a Teradata DBA should have eloquent communication skills as mostly DBAs need to explain Technical concepts to non-Technical guys like Manager, ETL associates etc. 

rajatdada 4 posts Joined 12/12
22 Jan 2013


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