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j355ga 100 posts Joined 12/05
31 May 2006
what is wrong with prometric?

Has anybody had trouble registering on the prometric website? I have tried with both a PC and a MAC and with different browsers but am unable to submit the registration.Calling the help line gets you put on hold with no help. For some reason the background hold music is devoted to the Dish Network.I was able to register by phone though.Just curious about other peoples experience with this service.

Kks 128 posts Joined 03/06
04 Jun 2006

Yes I also experienced , there was problem . your credit card is safe

nithyanandam 65 posts Joined 10/04
12 Jun 2006

Yes. I experienced as well. I did complain about the web site, when I called them up last week. Not sure, whether they have rectified that.

j355ga 100 posts Joined 12/05
13 Jun 2006

I contacted the Teradata certification group regarding Prometric's web-site. Teradata informed me that Prometric is attempting to fix the web-site. I have not tried since last week so I don't know if the Prometric site is working.


Theresa 8 posts Joined 10/06
23 Oct 2006

It must be a new problem, because I registered for all my exams on the site and had no difficulties at all. The last time I used it though where in September, when I completed my certification.

XTUPIE 42 posts Joined 11/05
02 Nov 2006

HiFrom the day I started my TDM till I finished it I never had one problem with PROMETRIC.Might be a problem in the USA, call them or e-mail them to fix.


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