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deagle 17 posts Joined 11/08
06 Aug 2009
Training materials i.e books, exam questions

Hi guys,I want to start my certification path on teradata. I have been looking on the web but I cannot find any good material for the exams. Can someone recommend books/exam resources that would help me. I am starting with the basics exam and hopefully will work my way successfully through the rest.I will be doing this in my own time with my own funding, so any cheap and cheerful material is appreciated!Thanks in advance,Karen

lisabrandon123 7 posts Joined 04/10
20 Apr 2010

hey please visi the following link and you will get the required

<a href=> Leading Provider of IT Certification Exams Providing 2000 Exams</a>

hanumanth 4 posts Joined 03/10
21 Apr 2010

hi bhanu

Could you please share the material n my id is

thanks in advance


anthonylk 2 posts Joined 05/10
02 May 2010

Hi everybody,

Can you plz send the books, meterial and samples to my mail

many thanks

12 May 2010

I personally felt that a good combination of a datawarehousing text book coupled with Hands-on on the freely downloadable demo version will provide ample of knowledge for certification. What say?

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

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