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02 May 2014
Teradata Online Training & certification

Teradata Online Training By Keen Technologies.We are Best Institute for Online Training and we have Expert trainers to share knowledge on Teradata. Terada course materials,videos are designed by our trainers.we
Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us
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Phone @ IND : +91-9989754807 / USA : +1-347-952-4634 teradata-online-training.html
will give project support,resume preparation & interview question to our students & consultents

kiranp1234 2 posts Joined 05/14
03 May 2014

i  want to learn teradata 

kiran pesala

kiranp1234 2 posts Joined 05/14
03 May 2014

i want to learn teradata and teradata free online training or tutorials or pdf's.kindly share me the details...

kiran pesala

Keentrainings 10 posts Joined 04/14
05 May 2014

Hi kiran pesala,
if u want teradata online training.plz visit our website ( contact us

01 Jul 2014



Do not waste your time in outside trainings. is THE BEST site, 

plenty of documents & manuals available from TD12 to TD14.10.

Download VMWARE setup from Developer exchange and try to replicate all the scenario's mentioned in the pdf's.


Read manuals and read articles available in dev exch (Carrie, Dieter, Shrity and many others) beautiful explanation on many concepts.


I dont think some trainer in an institute knows/teaches better than manuals or Google.


And moreover, I dont think, these kind of topics needs to be discussed in this forum.  

Instead, read pdf's and post your technical queries, doubts or issues.


All the Best & Happy reading.


Sravan Kumar Bodla

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