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baba 1 post Joined 09/07
15 Sep 2007
Teradata DBA Traninig in Hyderabad?

Hi Friends,Any institute in hyderabad, offering the teradata DBA training?cheersBaba

29 Oct 2007

I dont think there are any institutes offering Teradata training in Hyderabad. Get in touch with Teradata education guys. There are based in Mumbai in India. You can get the contact information in the site.

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

amit_soni2k 7 posts Joined 12/08
26 Dec 2008

For Teradata Training & Certification with 100% guarenty. Plz write For sample classes or video tutorial write to I provide only classes. I have 10yr+ exp in Database 6yr+ in Teradata. I'm working professional.

09 Mar 2012

i provide Teradata  training in KPHB.

call me : 9866409913. 

100% job guarantee. KSD Technologies.

13 Mar 2012

Teradata Job guarantee Training (online/class room) by Teradata certified Master and Teradata Senior Architect ( 8985745972, KSD Technologies, KPHB) :

Teradata Training for Teradata Developers

Teradata Training for Teradata DBAs

Teradata Training for Teradata Performance Tuning

Teradata Training for Teradata Designers

Teradata Training for Teradata Datamodelers

Teradata Training for Teradata Architects

Teradata Training for Teradata Certification Guidance

Teradata Job Support

Teradata Resume Preparation and Guidance

Teradata Job Guidance

Teradata resource supply to companies/Recruiters, HR people can reach him on 8985745972 for Teradata resources; He provide Teradata resources for low CTC.

googinup 15 posts Joined 06/12
10 Aug 2012

hi baba

Here we are the proffesionals Trainers offer teradata training in hyderabad we have 6 years experiance in software industry we also provide online teradata training. we are the best Training institute for teradata Trainig in hyderabad and we have dedicated training services for only teradata training. Also we provide Real Time Project Explanations for Teradata.

visit us:


Dinesh_Td 8 posts Joined 02/10
20 Sep 2012




Contact person : Krishna 


vk011109 1 post Joined 10/12
15 Oct 2012

Which is the best Teradata Training Institute in Hyderabad.

Rajyam403 10 posts Joined 05/12
01 Dec 2012

Hi all,
I joined teradata traing at BISP solutions online tranings trained by manohar.
he is very good tranier and iam very much happy gaining knoledge from him.
through out the class ours he is very much patitent by clarifing all doubts and very clean explanation with real time examples and
case study,perfomence tunning like all the topics he covered as developer side and he coverd all dba topics in dba track very clearly.
i need to tell one thing no one can't tell like this.
i hope every one can join at BISP solutions who can learn teradata.
see his below links so that u can under stand wt he is.
U can reach him through this email and contact no+91 8499999111

bispsolutions 6 posts Joined 12/12
04 Dec 2012

TERADATA ( Developer & Admin )  Complete hands on practical training 
Dear All,
BISP is a group of well known data warehousing and bi professionals, specialized in oracle and teadara training and consulting. We are providing high quality trainings for corporate & e-learning for individuals. We have been training people for last 12 years and well known name across the globe. Our interactive online training methodologies ensure students’ benefited to maximum.
To learn from industry experts  you may join  a free Introduction class of TERADATA ( Developer & Admin Track )  on Saturday, 08 December at 8:00 AM IST.
Below is the Login details :
1.  Please join my meeting.
2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.
Dial +1 (805) 309-0027
Access Code: 608-903-261
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
Meeting ID: 608-903-261
Online Meetings Made Easy®
Free Sample Video you may download from our website
For more information contact at, or you may visit 

bshaik 2 posts Joined 05/13
04 Jun 2013

Any good training institue to learn teradata

16 Jun 2013

Any good class room training institue to learn teradata(devlop track) in hyderabad.. Please update me..

Venkatv49 2 posts Joined 06/13
21 Nov 2013

Hello Dinesh,
In hyderabad there are many instittions,best one is Sri Vinay Techhouse located in mytrivanam,nilgiri block.
This institution is for complete development and 50percent DBA classes.

prashant05kumar 8 posts Joined 01/14
10 Jan 2014

I have joined teradata training in Dec 2013 for both DBA and DEV .. I am undergoing training for now and it is excellent . Al the credits goes to our trainer who takes patiencly each and every subject of Teradata and i believe we would not have excelled and explored much with out his transition classes;


I found the online teradata DBA and DEV tutor by searching out on web and reaching out him immidiatly. So guys who ever are passionate to get future technology in hand please reach out to manohar . He is knowledgable to the level and extent that you would be 100% satisfied with the sessions and feel taken good knowledge at the end of sessions.

His contact details are

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
19 Jan 2014

Hi Prashant,
I too attended Manohar's demo today and it was fantastic.
I believe you might have completed your training by now. Can you let us know how is your overall experience and satistaction ? 

prashant05kumar 8 posts Joined 01/14
21 Jan 2014

Hi Sree,
Yes , I am satisfied much with my overall experience on trainings by manohar. I had both my DBA and Dev trainings attended but I am confident enough in not just looking in concepts but corelating them and making an understanding with proper justification.
I believe anyone who join the trainings will experince the same by the end. Also manohar helps to answer our quries even after the trainings, if any required.
Personally, I would strongly recommand any one who is passionate to empower and evolve in the field of Database administration and development.

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
22 Jan 2014

Thanks Prashant for your inputs!! It would help, as I am planning to take up DBA very soon.

anilraju 8 posts Joined 01/15
27 Jan 2015

Hello Friends,
I have asked int this forum and discussed with many in the Online and Offline market,
finally I joined in Vinay Tech Institite for DBA in hyderabad.
He explored about various kinds of Opportunities in DBA and organizations use it.I feel
this is what I want and joined.
Thanks to everyone for thier valuable share.




anilraju 8 posts Joined 01/15
04 Mar 2015

Hello Friends,
I hope you would have read my info posted earlier.
My final words after training from VinayTech,Hyderbad.(Genuine feedback,not pubility like others)
                       --Classes very in detail :(Best part,he covered Performance Tuning DBA part and
                                                                              Application DBA part--which is required for us)
                       --Time spent : 55 hours (Only for DBA which includes Performance Tuning and
                                                               Application DBA)
                       --Fee : Very normal compare to other peeople (half of the price)
                      --Timings : Strict and decipline (thats why I missed couple of sessions)
                      --Subject Interest: Faculty covered all ,that depth I guess we don't require
                       -- Realtime : Concept wise classes with required real time stuff (If more realtime
                                         he provides that would be better,I think due to time factor might be  
                                         giving like that)
                     --Students: All levels(Beinners,Experienced etc...) this is a bit embrassing since
                                        he teaches slowly.
                     --Note: For theory he has given material,practicals we need to  write          
Now you guys can take your own decision.
Thank You.                   

anilraju 8 posts Joined 01/15
06 Jun 2015

Hello Friends,
I am back with my feedback,my classes went well at Vinaytech ,hyderabad.
Recently my friend got selected as DBA in one MNC banglore.
You can opt this institute for DBA (my opinion),may not correct always what we say,so please attend demos online/offline(I hope they conduct offline most,so enquire about online 9493228290).
Thank you for the people who posted good and bad and make me clear about learning.

Srichakra 15 posts Joined 11/11
11 Jun 2015

Hi Team,
I want to seek Teradata DBA  in pune location ,Can you tell me what is the best training institute near nigidi area .
Please drop a mail ,I want to join immediate

rajiv.gupta 1 post Joined 10/15
14 Oct 2015

I would recommend to take training classes from Hyderabad people.They are dedicated for
Staged way of teaching .I took Online Training from Mr.Vinay (Hyderbad Trainer) ,it was satisfactory.Recently he entered
in to that.Even his colleagues also taking online classes.Better you would reach him on 
9493228290 number or contact instutution where he and his colleagues work.

letolagal 1 post Joined 10/15
28 Oct 2015

Any good class room training institue to learn teradata(devlop track) in hyderabad.. Please update me..

<a href="">hop phap hoa lanh su</a>

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
02 Jan 2016

I had good expeience with Manohar's  ( online training on Teradata development and DBA. (I 've done development 2 years agao and DBA recently)
Yes i agree above, if you are looking for classroom trainings, can attend Mr. Vinay sessions.

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