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panic 1 post Joined 06/07
15 Jun 2007
teradata DBA training

Hello All,Im a teradata Dev ..Lookin for Teradata DBA .. Does anyone know where I can find Training materials or classes for the same..Ur help would be appreciated

29 Oct 2007

Read the 3 important manuals from site.1. DBA2. Performance tuning3. Security administration.Apart from these you may have to be well versed with Teradata design and SQL.As for training get in touch with Teradata education guys.

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

avdheshs 1 post Joined 04/08
02 Apr 2008

Hi Rama, I'm an Oracle DBA and want to learn Taradata.Please suggest me how do I start and where to start?Thanks in Advance.Avdhesh

04 Apr 2008

Just start off with the introduction manual..."Introduction to Teradata". This might give an idea of whatis what in Teradata. Basic SQL is 'almost' the same in Oracle and Teradata. You might want to look at the SQL manuals also for syntax. If you can afford a course from Teradata Corp. there is a fast track course for Oracle skilled people to learn Teradata. Contact Teradata corp. sales guys operating from Mumbai.Good luck.

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

telaprolu.sunil 3 posts Joined 06/10
20 Jun 2010

Hi Ramakrishna,

Regarding the comment posted above. Please let me know where is Teradata Corp located in Mumbai. It will be very helpful if you have contact details of those sales guys

Thanks in advance.

gopinadhs 18 posts Joined 10/11
10 Oct 2011

Hi All,

I will give Teradata DBA training and please contact to this email id:

thank you...



23 Jul 2012



If you want Teradata DBA  online training / class room training  , please contact : 8985745972.




Dinesh_Td 8 posts Joined 02/10
21 Sep 2012




Contact person : Krishna 


bispsolutions 6 posts Joined 12/12
04 Dec 2012

TERADATA ( Developer & Admin )  Complete hands on practical training 
Dear All,
BISP is a group of well known data warehousing and bi professionals, specialized in oracle and teadara training and consulting. We are providing high quality trainings for corporate & e-learning for individuals. We have been training people for last 12 years and well known name across the globe. Our interactive online training methodologies ensure students’ benefited to maximum.
To learn from industry experts  you may join  a free Introduction class of TERADATA ( Developer & Admin Track )  on Saturday, 08 December at 8:00 AM IST.
Below is the Login details :
1.  Please join my meeting.
2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.
Dial +1 (805) 309-0027
Access Code: 608-903-261
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
Meeting ID: 608-903-261
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Free Sample Video you may download from our website
For more information contact at, or you may visit 

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
01 Mar 2013

Any good training institue to learn teradata

Zain 1 post Joined 03/13
01 Mar 2013

"Teradata Training in Chicago"
Hello everyone,
Is there any good Teradata training provider in city of Chicago USA?? I've been learning Teradata basics through the "Teradata Universtiy Network" for some time, but at the same time I want to get some hands on experience and training.  So it would be of great help if someone can reference a good training provider in Chicago, IL USA??
Thanks in advance

steven789 5 posts Joined 03/13
04 Mar 2013

Teradata Online Training and Placement Assistance at ONLINEITGURU.COM

sundeep_reddy 2 posts Joined 03/13
11 Mar 2013

Any good good training institute for teradata dba?

ramesh0725 1 post Joined 03/13
19 Mar 2013

Any good textbook for teradata? 

14 Jun 2013

I'm interseted to learn teradata dev, Please suggest me any one which institute is best in hyderbad..

prashant05kumar 8 posts Joined 01/14
10 Jan 2014

I have joined teradata training in Dec 2013 for both DBA and DEV .. I am undergoing training for now and it is excellent . Al the credits goes to our trainer who takes patiencly each and every subject of Teradata and i believe we would not have excelled and explored much with out his transition classes. 
I found the online teradata DBA and DEV tutor by searching out him on web and reaching out him immidiatly. So guys who ever are passionate to get future technology in hand please reach out to manohar . 
His contact details are

02 May 2015

Do not go for Manohar. I attended his training and it was complete waste of money and time. Look for other options.

PRASAD.SVVNV 1 post Joined 02/16
14 Feb 2016

If any one interested for  Teradata DBA training.Please send mail to
I have 8+years of teradata DBA experience and certified master since 2008.

lokendraakhil 2 posts Joined 03/16
17 Mar 2016

Hi I'm new to teradata. was an oracle developer. I need to start as Teradata DBA soon. what are the suggestions. What is the best training methods available.Is this online trainings helpful.

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