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yogesh-5763 1 post Joined 03/08
10 Mar 2008
Teradata certification material

Hi to all,I am planning to do teradata certification. If any one knows abt this plz tell me. Where i will get books. I am planning to buy.thanks&regardspandu

mahammad 1 post Joined 08/10
03 Aug 2010

hi this is rafi
please give me sugessions on my query.............
i am interested to do teradata this good ...can v have future in this ............please tell me and what about informatica in datawarehouse ......
my mail is

swap111 4 posts Joined 08/10
31 Aug 2010

I am looking for Teradata 12 certification Exam.Can you help me?
Could you please send me some pdf's?

15 Oct 2010

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JanakiSettu 1 post Joined 11/10
18 Nov 2010

Thanks a lot to Teradata Eduction.

With this help i was able to clear my Teradata 12 Basics (TE0-121).

18 Nov 2010

That's great, Janaki. Congratulations! Were you able to pick up a copy of the book at Partners?

umakathir 32 posts Joined 09/06
25 Nov 2010

Janaki, did you register as a Teradata Partner and bought the book? Please let me know how did you get the material.

cleo_nerd 2 posts Joined 08/11
03 Aug 2011

Hi Janaki, I am planning to give TD TE0121 exam. I have some queries. Could you please help me with them? Please drop me a test mail at

16 Aug 2011

TCPP Authorized Study Guides are now available for purchase! The study guide for Teradata 12 Basics Exam TE0-121, along with recommended courses, makes an optimal combination to support your goal of becoming a Teradata 12 Certified Professional. Visit the TCPP website for details about Authorized Study Guides.

erjyoti 1 post Joined 08/11
02 Sep 2011

I am planning to do teradata certification. If anyone can help me on this. From where I will get books/online material.

my emailid

anupam_CTS 3 posts Joined 09/11
15 Sep 2011


I have just cleared the exam on 1st September. You can reach me at



nirmalcnk2005 1 post Joined 09/11
20 Dec 2011


I am planning to write a TD basic exam in jan2012 first week, can anyone send me model questions. And also where I will get books,online material. please send me the details to my mail_id:

a.prodhani 3 posts Joined 11/11
20 Dec 2011

HI, I am planning to sit TD Cert(TCP). Can any1 help me out some dump.

Dhani 5 posts Joined 04/12
02 Apr 2012

I am teradata faculty from hyderabad.

please contact me at for teradata 12 certification materials, Q&A.

Pass Guaranteed.

Kirti27 2 posts Joined 04/12
04 Apr 2012

Hi , I want to take the Teradata basics exam in MAY 2012. Can anyone help me out with the study materials and sample questions for the same.


Kirti27 2 posts Joined 04/12
05 Apr 2012

Guys who have cleared the certification, plzzz share the books and materials at .


googinup 15 posts Joined 06/12
12 Feb 2013

Hi yogesh
We are providing you a best terdata training certification and best study metirials
visit us :

thomas kyte 2 posts Joined 12/13
21 Dec 2013

Hi friend
Could you please send the material to
Thanks In Advance
thomas kyte
I want to prepare for teradata exam,so very need your help.

cleo_nerd 2 posts Joined 08/11
20 Aug 2014

Hi Friends.
I am planning to take the Certification tests.
Please drop me an email with any material that you find is relavent.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
My email Id is

rakeshsapbo 36 posts Joined 04/13
21 Aug 2014

Hi All,
As we have noticed there have been so may posts floating around the best Certification path/Plan for TD 14 Basics is below are the details.
go through the below course content
TE0-141 Teradata 14 Basics

 Data Warehouse Architectures

physically distributed architectures, non-centralized data warehouses, Teradata Active Solutions, Enterprise data model.


 Relational Database Concepts

relational database terminology, pros and cons of various database logical models.


 Teradata RDBMS Components and Architecture

features and benefits of Teradata technology (AMPs, PEs, BYNET) and interfaces (ODBC, JDBC), MOSI, mTDP


 Database Managed Storage

primary index (PI, NUPI, NoPI), data distribution, partitioned tables (PPI, Columnar), space (perm, spool), storage optimization techniques.


 Data Access Methods

primary and secondary indexes (UPI, NUPI, NoPI, USI, NUSI), partitioned tables (PPI, Columnar), join indexes, full table scans, locking.


 Data and Performance Availability Features

fallback, journals, node failover, cliques, hot standby, RAID1. 


 Teradata Tools and Utilities


Learning Paths


TEN (Teradata Educational Network) (you need to have access to TEN portal - contact your IT Dept leads/Managers to get access)


go through a course - Introduction to the Teradata Database WBT 26438




download a document  (Introduction to Teradata TD14- 206 pages)



i am 100%  sure this will definately cover's all topics ,so just want to keep it simple.


Note: apart from referring to the above documents ,it's mandatory that you should possess at least 6-12 Months of working experience to pass the exam.


total questions - 75

pass - 60 ans

%tage - 80% must.



Hope this helps!!!



if you need any additional details do share your thoughts!!!



All the very best!!



Rakesh Reddy G

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