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ruchi 1 post Joined 11/08
24 Nov 2008

Hi I want to give Teradat cerification .(Basic & Sql ). can anyone suggest me which book is good for the preparation .Any input is appreciable Thanks Ruchi

manish_dw 4 posts Joined 11/08
24 Nov 2008

Hi Ruchi,I am planning for the same thing. I just started working on Teradata and wondering what books are available in the market for the certification test. Hey, I have couple of questions on the technology. Would you mind discussing when you have some free time!!Regads,Manish

sRavanSarma 23 posts Joined 11/08
24 Nov 2008

Hi guys,U can trust books by tom coffing.they r available in market

manish_dw 4 posts Joined 11/08
25 Nov 2008

Hi Sravan,can you be more specific regarding the titles. Can you please pass the title and isbn or publisher. The one I found on was from 2000.Where can be get the books on latest or most recent release? Regards,Manish

sRavanSarma 23 posts Joined 11/08
25 Nov 2008

Teradata Utilities by Tom CoffingTeradata SQL Teradata User's Guide: The Ultimate CompanionThese r some of the books available in market.For more information search some other topics in the Training folder of the forum.

Bohica 10 posts Joined 07/08
30 Nov 2008

Try This should get you started.

amit_soni2k 7 posts Joined 12/08
29 Dec 2008

Guys, I provide Certification Taining for Teradata for all levels.1) Basic : For working profession who just want to brush up and apprear for certification.For them I have 4 hours-10Hours training program dedicated for certification needs with 100% certification pass guaranty 2) Advance : Complete Training + Certification training.I have 10+ exp in Database/Datawarehousing 6+ yr exp in Teradata with Teradata Master certification.For more details Plzdrop mail

03 Mar 2009

Hello, My name is Su, just started working on Teradata.I am wondering how you would do this remotely, as I am based in Malaysia?Kind regardsSu

Nusrat 4 posts Joined 10/11
21 Nov 2011

None of the books are available and are out of stock. More over they look so expensive.. Do you guys know any other once which you think are available.

ayman.guc 27 posts Joined 10/11
26 Jan 2012

For certification material please visit the page:

You can also use the official Teradata product documentation material (PDF formats freely available to everyone) at the link: E.g. If you are going for the Basics exam you can take a look at the Introduction to Teradata material found online.

The official documentation is also found with the Teradata Express package which allows anybody to test and learn the Teradata System in an SMP PC testing-environment.

umesh.ganti 1 post Joined 12/11
06 Feb 2012



Can you please tell me which Teradata manual to go through for the TE122 exam. I've studied the 1091.pdf manual for the TE121 exam.




ayman.guc 27 posts Joined 10/11
16 Feb 2012

It would be better if you take a Teradata course (Teradata SQL and Advanced Teradata SQL) as it will be more convenient for you than reading the manuals. The manuals would be good as a study-source if you already have some experience with Teradata SQL or at least you can experiment with the language and tools while reading. As for the manuals you can read, there is a big load which can include: SQL Fundamentals 1141, SQL Data Types and Literals 1143, SQL DDL 1144, SQL Functions/Operators/Expressions/and Predicates 1145, SQL Data Manipulation Language 1146, SQL Data Control Language 1149, SQL Data Definition Language 1184,  SQL Quick Reference 1510, Probably you won't need all the information in the manuals and there might be some data you need missing from the manuals I mentioned (I'm just guessing). so make sure that you understand ALL the TE122 exam objectives: -

• Teradata Extensions
• Data Definition Language (DDL)
• Data Manipulation Language (DML)
• Data Control Language (DCL)
• Views and Macros
• Logical and Conditional Expressions
• Data Conversions and Computations
• CASE Expressions
• Subqueries and Correlated Subqueries
• Joins
• Attribute and String Functions
• Set Operations
• Analytical Functions
• Time/Date/Timestamp/Intervals (ANSI vs. TERADATA)
• Stored Procedures Concepts
• Aggregations
• SQL Optimization Concepts

07 May 2012

Hi, Umesh

I am planning to write TE121 exam. Is it enough or do i need to look some other documents. can you please suggest me



KP. Kumar


07 May 2012

I mean 1091.pdf document.... for first level exam..

williams22 3 posts Joined 04/12
16 May 2012
sidswami 6 posts Joined 05/12
20 May 2012

@ Pavan: Manual 1091 should help you clear TEO-121 exam. Good luck.




PVinayak 1 post Joined 12/12
13 Dec 2012

Hi I want to give Teradat cerification .(Basic & Sql ). can anyone suggest me which book is good for the preparation and where i have to go for registration .Any input is appreciable
Thanks & Regards

iqbal898 10 posts Joined 12/10
21 Jan 2013

Excellent Teradata Professional available online.  Pl. contact on the following email if you would like to learn basic or advanced Teradata.
 "Manohar Krishna " <>
His expertise in TD is second to none !  His way of teaching will make you TD professional in no time ! 
Good luck !!!

rajatdada 4 posts Joined 12/12
22 Jan 2013


I happen to attend a training by one of the teradata professional named Manohar in Nov'12, he takes online batches every month. I would say it was a very good decision on my part to join that training, not only I learnt alot, but also I perform very well at interviews and my job.



He teaches Developer and Admin tracks both, I happen to the developer track only. He also teaches case studies which bascially prepares you for real time applications. I would recommend anyone to join his classes, worth spending time and money !!


These are some of his youtube videos.



This is his email address, you can directly contact him:


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
22 Jan 2013

If this guy is really that great, why isn't he answering questions here in DevEx instead of having other users send the same kind of spam over and over again?


varun09 1 post Joined 02/13
06 Feb 2013

I am intrested  in Teradata Certification... but i don't have proper inforamtion and guidance... i have some doubts  regarding certifications.... i.e  in recent days i have read in a blog that to do TERADATA12 Certification we should be certifed by Teradata V2R5 Certification(Clearing all V2R5 6papers)???...again is their any qualification to write V2RS ... please help me... give me proper information...

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
07 Feb 2013

The general rule is that all the required exams for a certification must be passed at the same release level.
The exception is that if one already is a Teradata Certified Master at V2R5 level, passing a single Qualifying Exam will permit taking the TD12 Comprehensive Mastery exam. In that case only, it is not necessary to repeat all the individual exams at TD12 level.
Note that the V2R5 exams have been retired for quite some time now.

smarty 14 posts Joined 03/09
09 Feb 2013

I had a plan to preapre for TD 12 exms for a long time. But kept delaying it and now I am in a dilemma whether to go for it or wait for the TD14 exams to come in.
i had 2 levels of V2R5 certification and then the TD12 cert exms were released before i could prepare for the rest other exams. 
But can anybody advise me on this. Should I start with TD12 or wait for TD14 ?? 
I wonder if this is the right forum to post this question. If not, please excuse me.
Thank You,

11 Feb 2013

Can anyone guide me in preparing for TE0-123 physical design and implementation exam, the WBTs for this is not available.

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