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idg_tddevex 18 posts Joined 10/06
01 Nov 2006
Teradata BASICS examination..!!

Hi, I am planning to take the BASICS exam but someone has suggested me to go for the exam in 2007 since V2R6 is released and if I give the exam for V2R5 now i need to give it again. Please can anyone suggest me the link where I can get the schedule for V2R6 exams in 2007.Thank You,Indrajit

XTUPIE 42 posts Joined 11/05
02 Nov 2006

HiAs far as I know only the V2R5 exams are available and that the new examinations will be for V2R7.I wrote a similar letter to someone about this and I think it is relevant to your senarion:...The current Version V2R5 certifications will become obsolete/ you will need to redo them, when the Version of TeraData changes, I think it will be Version V2R7 (not sure when this will be released). This applies to ALL certifications EXCEPT a TeraData Master (TDM), who will always remain a Master. If a TDM wants to certify for the new version, they must still write the upgrade exam (only Certified TDM's can write this one exam) to be current on the latest level of TeraData. You must remember that the certification you got are not OBSOLETE because they are still valid, you do not "loose" you certifications, BUT if you want to be a TDM, then you will need to do all exams on the SAME TeraData level. I also noticed that when one of our DBA registered for the TD Administrator that they (PROTEC) give you ONE YEAR to complete the exam, I am not sure if this will mean you have ONE YEAR to complete you Masters but it does mean if you are one your last exam, you have until that date to complete the exam and if relevant become a TDM.I know of many TeraData Masters who have not written the upgrades. Maybe you do not know this but when you become a TeraData Master you get a special TDM jacket. This jacket has the TDM logo embroided on it and it also says what Version of TDM you are, In my case I am a TDM V2R5. Even if and when I write the upgrade exam I do not get a new jacket that says I am now a V2R7 master, only the certificate and TDM card.My suggestion to you, which was also my motivation to become a TDM, although I am a DBA, is to do ALL the exams as fast as possible to become a TDM and then you do not have to worry about redoing any exams. I did my whole TDM from start to finish (and I took a ONE MOTH break in my studies to attend PARTNERS 2005), took 5 months. I basically wrote an exam every two weeks, except SQL which I fail with ONE mark (67% you need 67.5) and had to rewrite. SQL and Implementation specialist are the most difficult but SQL is really bad and you can get confused very easy.


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