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idg_tddevex 18 posts Joined 10/06
01 Nov 2006
Teradata BASICS examination..!!

Hi, I am planning to take the BASICS exam but someone has suggested me to go for the exam in 2007 since V2R6 is released and if I give the exam for V2R5 now i need to give it again. Please can anyone suggest me the link where I can get the schedule for V2R6 exams in 2007.Thank You,Indrajit

03 Jan 2007

There is no proposal of V2R6 exams as of now. I guess Teradata will notify with lots of information at their site if this is coming. :-)

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
03 Jan 2007

Teradata Certified Professional Program's stated policy remains to develop exams for "every other" major release. There were no V2R4 exams and there are no plans for V2R6 exams.New exams won't be available until some time after commercial availability of the next major release; most likely there will again be some "overlap" period where people are allowed to finish a series of exams at the old level.

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