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29 Dec 2004
Teradata Basics Certification

Hi Guys, I am a student and dont have any experience with Teradata.I had studied Teradata Basics Training WBT CD course to prepare for my Certification .I couldnt clear the exam in first attempt.I have few questions to ask the experienced guys in Teradata.1.Is the WBT enough to pass the exam...i remember only few questions were asked from WBT and V2R5 PDF files...2.Which books and courses should i take to clear the exam( apart from mentioned above)?3.Does anybody provide training for passing the exam?4.Where could i get the answers for some of the questions? Thanks,Mark

vsriram 2 posts Joined 11/05
07 Jan 2006

Can anyone share the TF documents so that it will be helpful for junior members

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