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Bicchu 1 post Joined 04/11
27 Apr 2011
Teradata-Basic Exam Query

Hi All,

I am planning to give Teradata-Basic Certification with in next two months. Can anybody please guide me how to prepare for the certification?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Pratik
16 May 2011

For information on how to prepare for Teradata 12 Certification, please visit the TCPP website: and refer to the "How to Prepare for Certification" link.

The following study tools available for Teradata 12 exams can be found on the TCPP website:
- Quick Reference Guide and curriculum maps which provide formal education and practical experience recommendations
- Exam objectives that provide high level objectives to focus areas of study
- Additional References document provides additional Teradata 12.0 formal documentation to study for each exam
- To find certification curriculum course pricing and information, please refer to the information and links at the Teradata Education Network site:

The only authorized education is available through the Teradata Education Network (TEN) and Teradata University (internal only). Use of any unauthorized materials including, but not limited to: practice tests, brain dumps, etc. are violations of the TCPP Security Policy and may endanger your certification status and eligibility for future Teradata certifications.

Teradata Certified Professional Program Team
Teradata Corporation

y.deepaksatiec 3 posts Joined 04/10
21 Sep 2011

@Bicchu: Have you given the Teradata Certification?

23 Sep 2011

Me too willing to give the same but for TD 13 as we hav currently upgraded to 13 version..Ny links, name of Books, etc will b helpful.

Teradata NooB.

kavithakuttyk 8 posts Joined 09/11
26 Sep 2011



I am also planning to write terradata 12 (TEO-121) basic exam.If anybody have any study materials or practise questions please mail to





srichakradhar 2 posts Joined 04/12
26 Apr 2012

 I am also planning to take up the Teradata Basics certification. can any one share the related documents


12 May 2012

Hi all i cleared the TD-12 basics TE0-121 exam the 1091 (Introduction to Teradata) manual pdf from the Teradata website was usefull please go through it

Poornima 1 post Joined 06/12
19 Jun 2012

Hi all,

Would like to complete TE0-121 certification.

Please help me out about the study material and dumps if any one cleared the same 




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