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Anu 1 post Joined 04/06
30 Apr 2006
Teradata Basic Certification Help

HiI'm a beginner to Teradata and would like to take the Basic level 1 v2r5 certification.I've just got into project involving teradata. I've got a few study materials and would be very grateful if someone who has taken the certification could help me with some material or sample papers.Thanking You!RegardsAnu

nithyanandam 65 posts Joined 10/04
16 May 2006

AnuTeradata documentation PDF's are the best you can look into while preparing for your basics certification. I'd suggest you go through the "Introduction to Teradata RDBMS" completely and take some practice tests before appearing for the exams. Hope this helpsCheersNithyanandam.

akther 3 posts Joined 09/07
17 Sep 2007

Hi Nithyanadam,where should i get Teradata documentation pdf's? Do you have these pdf's?ThanksAkther

famalau 43 posts Joined 08/07
19 Sep 2007

Hi Akther,You may find all Teradata manuals at, then go to "Resources/Technical Documentation", then select "Online Publication".Once there, you will be able to download all the Teradata manuals in the PDF format.Cheers,Fabio

Best regards,


munda_kamaal 2 posts Joined 09/08
28 Sep 2008

Hi Nithyanandam,Can you please tell me where i can find some (free) practise tests.Thanks,Rajneesh

Satish Mee 10 posts Joined 04/05
01 Oct 2008

Hi all ,The best place to find all the Teradata related PDFs is - to the Practice tests -u can try on

munda_kamaal 2 posts Joined 09/08
05 Oct 2008

Thanks Satish and all for the help... really appreciate it...I have cleared the first paper... Thanks,Rajneesh

Jesu 2 posts Joined 10/08
22 Oct 2008

Hi All,I started working on teradata for the last two weeks. Can you please guide me how to prepare for the basic certification.

Jesu 2 posts Joined 10/08
22 Oct 2008

Hi Anu,Even i am also very new to Teradata. If you collect any information or material regarding the certification can you pls share with me?

Satish Mee 10 posts Joined 04/05
29 Oct 2008

Congrats Rajneesh ..All the Best

ajay_kalangi 3 posts Joined 09/08
23 Dec 2008

Satish,What is the pass % for all the exams in Teradata .Also if you have a list of modules that needs to be covered for the basics test plese send it to

veni_developer 1 post Joined 01/09
16 Jan 2009

Hi Rajneesh, Congrats!! Iam also preparing for the teradata basics exam so could you please provide me thepractice exam papers. Thanks in advace.

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
20 Jan 2009

Hello,Following link has the information you are looking for:,Adeel

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sinha.jyotirmoy 7 posts Joined 06/10
17 Jun 2010


Request to all. I am going to give TE0-121 Teradata 12 Basics Exam. Can you please send some materials to clear the exam.
My email ID -

Thanks in advance.

kuruvillamb 2 posts Joined 06/10
20 Jun 2010

hi everyone ,
I am just a beginner,
can u pl send the details about terdata certification and any training is required ?
can u send the details

gskaushik 56 posts Joined 09/10
23 Sep 2010

The following are the objectives defined for Te0-121

TE0-121 Teradata 12 Basics Exam

Topics include:
• Teradata Product Overview
• Processing Types and Characteristics
• Data Warehouse Architectures
• Relational Database Concepts
• Teradata RDBMS Components and Architecture
• Database Managed Storage
• Data Access Mechanics
• Data Availability Features
• Teradata Tools and Utilities
• Workload Management
• Security and Privacy

This is a very high level of the objectives , is there any drill down obejctives , So we can prepare for the exam easily.

Subramanian kaushik Gurumoorthy

15 Oct 2010

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sharmahamu 1 post Joined 09/13
05 Oct 2014

I am SQL and Oracle DBA, i am interesed to do Teradata DBA certification. Can you please guide me,how many exam need to pass to get the Teradata DBA certification.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
05 Oct 2014

If you come from Oracle background it is easy.
You can go through this link:
There are quite a number of hyperlinks within too.
It is very good that you are learning and want to enhance yourself more.

Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
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mailmeakshay5 4 posts Joined 11/14
20 Nov 2014

Hi Raja,
Thanks for the links. There are so many documents witin them. Is there any order i go through those links / PDFs. As i'm beginer in teradata can you suggest any best way of getting Teradata exposure .


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