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SAP 73 posts Joined 08/14
13 Aug 2014
Teradata 14 certification

Hi all,
Please guide me to start preparing for Teradata 14 basics certification . Where should i start ? because i m already teradata 12 basics certfied .

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
13 Aug 2014

My opinion is that , since you are already 12 certified, then you can see ahead and enhance your skillsets yourself with latest features. Loads of information in:, especially, the release notes. Other documents too highlight what are  new features.

Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
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kraj 7 posts Joined 11/14
29 Nov 2014

@SAP Can you please guide/share docs me to prepare for TD 14 basic certification .I guess you would TE0-141 certified now :)
Thanks a lot 

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