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rakesh0734 3 posts Joined 05/13
17 Aug 2014
Teradata 14 basics certification information

Hi Experts,
I am presently in the process of preparing for "TE0-141 Teradata 14 Basics" certification exam i could able to get the content for the certification from Teradata portal ,below is the detaield content.
 Data Warehouse Architectures

  •  physically distributed architectures, non-centralized data warehouses, Teradata Active Solutions, Enterprise data model.

 Relational Database Concepts

  •  relational database terminology, pros and cons of various database logical models

 Teradata RDBMS Components and Architecture

  • features and benefits of Teradata technology (AMPs, PEs, BYNET) and interfaces (ODBC, JDBC), MOSI, mTDP

 Database Managed Storage

  • primary index (PI, NUPI, NoPI), data distribution, partitioned tables (PPI, Columnar), space (perm, spool), storage optimization techniques

 Data Access Methods

  • primary and secondary indexes (UPI, NUPI, NoPI, USI, NUSI), partitioned tables (PPI, Columnar), join indexes, full table scans, locking.

 Data and Performance Availability Features

  • fallback, journals, node failover, cliques, hot standby, RAID1  Teradata Tools and Utilities

as per the previous posts i have noticed we need to go through the reference guide "Introduction to Teradata - 14" document ,but my ask over here is do we have to go through any other materail??? apart from this ,since the above topis will not be covered in detail in that document (reference guide)
since we need to attain 80% out of 75 questions (60 questions need to be correct) to pass the certification
can you please advice.........

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
17 Aug 2014

Great going!! I hope you have seen this link too,
You have loads of materials too here with reference to the certifications.

Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
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raj786 23 posts Joined 04/14
17 Aug 2014

Hi rakesh,
I am also planning to do TD-14 basic certification. whatever  you mention is right syllabus for TD-14 basic.
could you please send me the link where i get the syllabus.

rakesh0734 3 posts Joined 05/13
17 Aug 2014

Raj_kt thanks a lot for the links ,since this is dealt with onlyBasics do we have to go in detail each and every topics???
Raj786 - PFB TD 14 basics reference guide ,also if you have access to Teradata Educational Network (TEN) go through a course - Introduction to Teradata WBT  i don't remember the course ID that document is very good all the questions will be covered from that document - All the best!!!
Download the TD 14 reference guide from the below url
Rakesh Reddy G

rakesh0734 3 posts Joined 05/13
17 Aug 2014

Any body appeared/passed recently for TD 14 Basics exam???????????????????????

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
17 Aug 2014

The name basic means basic. But it depends on experience and how basic it is. You will get some clues from the practice questions, given there:
Hope you see this link already:

Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
Street Children suffer not by their fault. We can help them if we want.

rakeshsapbo 36 posts Joined 04/13
18 Aug 2014

ok thanks a lot raj!

Rakesh Reddy G

rakeshsapbo 36 posts Joined 04/13
21 Aug 2014

where can we get TD 14 Student Guide from will that be available in TEN???

Rakesh Reddy G

Sarani 5 posts Joined 12/13
22 Aug 2014

Hi All,
I have appeared for Teradata exam TEO141 Unfortunately I could not able to clear
:-( it..Questions seem to be ok but where I missed till now I could not able to figure it out.I paid 9000 through online.I prepared for this for the past 4 to 5 months.
Please give  me suggestions whether to take again or go through an institute and I am pretty much clear about the concepts for the above syllabus..

rakeshsapbo 36 posts Joined 04/13
22 Aug 2014

Sorry to hear that you couldn't able to clear the exam ,no issues thers is always next time.
next time when you plan to re take please plan as per the below

Learning Paths


TEN (Teradata Educational Network) (you need to have access to TEN portal - contact your IT Dept leads/Managers to get access)

go through a course - Introduction to the Teradata Database WBT 26438


download a document  (Introduction to Teradata TD14- 206 pages)

Rakesh Reddy G

kraj 6 posts Joined 11/14
29 Nov 2014

@rakesh0734  I have downloaded the ebook suggested(thanks a lot man). It does give a good idea about teradata basics. 
But its for Teradata V12  and i have Teradata basic certification (TEO-141) on christmas week. Can u please share TD14 related docs that would be great help.

vsr426 1 post Joined 12/14
02 Dec 2014

I am planning for Teradata Basics certification.
Could you please share me the related documents for me also.
Thank you.


vivicemk 2 posts Joined 08/14
05 May 2015

Hi Guys,
Can anyone please share with me any documents for Teradata Basics Certification?

mk186083 5 posts Joined 01/16
21 Jan 2016

Hi Guys,
I cleared in TD 14 Basics Certification.
Want to get through 


Teradata 14 Physical Design and Implementation exam

Is it mandatory to complete TE0-142 Teradata 14 SQL prior to this?
Kindly help.

Madhavi K

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
21 Jan 2016

You are allowed to take either TE0-142 or TE0-143 next after completing TE0-141. But you must complete both to obtain the Teradata 14 Certified Technical Specialist designation before you can continue on to one or more of the advanced certification tracks.

mk186083 5 posts Joined 01/16
21 Jan 2016

Thanks a lot Fred for the information

Madhavi K

mk186083 5 posts Joined 01/16
23 Feb 2016

I am planning to get through TE0-143.
I am not able to locate proper material to refer with reference to syllabus.

TE0-143 Teradata 14 Physical Design and Implementation Exam Objectives

• Physical Database Design Overview

    o extending the logical data model, denormalization, primary index choices, derived data, database hierarchy (databases and users).

• Table Attributes

    o Set tables, Multi-set tables, Queue tables, temporary tables, ALTER TABLE, CREATE TABLE, table-level options.

• Column Attributes

    o data types, Referential Integrity, UNICODE

• Statistics

    o multi-column statistics, SAMPLE statistics, SUMMARY statistics, MAXINTERVAL, ROLLUP, tables and views used for statistics collection.

• Primary Indexes

    o UPI, NUPI, NoPI.

• Table Partitioning

    o PPI, MLPPI, Character PPI, NO RANGE, Column Partitioning, ALTER TABLE TO CURRENT.

• Compression

    o Multi-value Compression, Block Level Compression, Algorithmic Compression, temperature-based Block Level Compression, column partitioning (compress options).

• Secondary Indexes

    o USI, NUSI.

• Other Index Types

    o STJI, AJI, Multi-table join indexes, other join indexes (compressed, non-compressed, covering).

• Physical Database Operations

    o query optimization (row access, aggregation), index utilization (partial value searches, data type conversions), table joins, skewed processing.

• Teradata Query Analysis

    o E.g., EXPLAIN, DBQL, nested views, Teradata Analyst Pack, Viewpoint.

• Temporal Design Considerations

    o E.g., temporal tables (VALIDTIME, TRANSACTIONTIME, BITEMPORAL), temporal views (SEQUENCED, NON-SEQUENCED, CURRENT time).

Kindly help?
Thanks for your co-operation,

Madhavi K

mk186083 5 posts Joined 01/16
24 Feb 2016

Kindly help me in obtaining relavent materials to pass TE0-143.
Your quick response appreciated.

Madhavi K

VandeBergB 182 posts Joined 09/06
24 Feb 2016

You can download ALL of the relevant documentation at  

Some drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.

khan786 2 posts Joined 02/16
25 Feb 2016

Can someone send me the material and the dumps for the TEO-141 please.
Thanks alot.


mk186083 5 posts Joined 01/16
29 Feb 2016

Thanks VandeBerg.

Madhavi K

Madhuv12 2 posts Joined 04/16
21 Apr 2016

Hi Madhavi
am planning for td 14 basics certification.
Could you please pass on any study material for the same .
my id

Surendhar Reddy 7 posts Joined 11/11
10 Jun 2016

Thanks a lot Rakesh, the link you provided is very usefull and that PDF is very informative.

bhanusri83 1 post Joined 07/16
06 Jul 2016

I am planning to take Terdata basic ceritification in a couple of weeks from now and am in need of the below information.
1. When trying to schedule my exam in Prometric site, it's asking for "Exam Sponsor". Not sure which one I need to select. Any idea?
2. May I know if anyone in the forum took basic certification in the recent past? If yes, please pass me on your email id as I have a few questions.
Thanks in advance. 

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