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msasamoto 1 post Joined 10/14
09 Oct 2014
TD Certification: Are the Official Study Guides Sufficient for TE0-142, 143?

I'm considering sitting for TE0-142 and TE0-143, the SQL and Physical Design and Implementation certification exams. Will the official certification study guides be sufficient enough in the way of study materials, or should one go through the four training courses to get all the needed material? 

kraj 6 posts Joined 11/14
29 Nov 2014

Hi can you please share materials/suggestions for TE0-141 that would be great help
Thanks a lot


smedipa43 2 posts Joined 09/14
03 Jan 2015

Hello All, can any one  please share materials for TE0-141 certification and my email id ..

avilaks 3 posts Joined 04/15
07 May 2015

With respect to TE0-141 certification, Please get registered yourselves in TEN(Teradata Educational Network) and start taking WBT's ( Web Based Trainings) which would help you to enhance your teradata basics knowledge and that would be suffice to clear the certification. I have completed the available WBT's and would be taking the TE0-141 Exam shortly.

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