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Raom 16 posts Joined 12/04
17 Nov 2006
Regarding Certification Exams

Hi, I have a question regarding the certification exams.Currently these exams cover V2R5. I heard there will be changes tothe exams in 2007 after the new release V2R7.Is anybody know when these changes take place?The reason I am asking is, If I complete 4 exams (out of 6) beforethe new changes, Do I have to retake all the exams?.I know for masters, they can take only one updated exam for the new version.Thanks

Thanks Rao M
simonxuxin 3 posts Joined 11/06
21 Nov 2006

You have to retake all the V2R7 exams unless you get the master certification...

Raom 16 posts Joined 12/04
21 Nov 2006

Thanks. You know currently the exams are based on V2R5. When the new changes ( may be based on V2R7) will take place?Thanks

Rao M

GogulM 32 posts Joined 08/06
22 Nov 2006

Dont Worry...They Will intimate well ahead about the release of exams for v2r7 as far as i know the release will be in the begining of 2008.


manne 5 posts Joined 06/05
15 Jan 2007

Hello,I recently enquired the Teradata people about this and they told, they will change the certification tracks for every major release, In their view V2R6 is not a major release, they are expecting V2R7 to be a major release and even after introducing V2R7 tracks for certification, they will give some time ( around 6 -8 months) to clear the rest, so that you can just take the masters update.According to this mail, they say this V2R5 tracks can be taken till mid of 2009.Hope this helpsCheersManne

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