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preeti 15 posts Joined 05/05
21 Aug 2005
NR-011 Certification

Hi,I'm planning to give the teradata NR-011 teradata basics exam.I have given 1 test on and there is one on there any other -mock test site or dumps where I can take the test or do u hv -any practice questionsThanks

Amby_Saw 1 post Joined 02/06
06 Feb 2006

Hi Preeti, Even I am planning to give the Teradata NR-011 certification are there any course or classroom trainings conducted & where did u get the books from ? what books are u referring to ? It will be great if you can guide me as I dont have any Exp on Teradata but I do have 5 yrs of exp on other databases.

ven_vick 6 posts Joined 02/06
17 Apr 2006

Hi Preeti, I just started preparing for the Exam NR0-011. May be we can do combined preparation, if you are interested. My Id is

nithyanandam 65 posts Joined 10/04
16 May 2006

PreetiTeradata documentation which comes with the Demo CD should be almost sufficient for you to clear any exams. I don't think, people would create dumps for Teradata certification just as they do for other databases.BTW, Have you cleared the above exam?Good LuckCheersNithyanandam.

preeti 15 posts Joined 05/05
28 May 2006

hi Nithyanandam,ive cleared teradata basics as well as teradata SQL NR0-013. rgds,preeti

soma 1 post Joined 06/06
20 Jun 2006

Hi,Can you please tell me how to prepare means1. Books / links / pdfs where can i get2. links where i can pratice tests more before giving examThanksSoma

nithyanandam 65 posts Joined 10/04
05 Jul 2006

The same question has been answered countless times.... I'd request you to spend some time searching the forum before posting your question.

sunstarprasad 1 post Joined 07/06
31 Jul 2006

Hi I am interested in taking the Teradata NR0-011, NR0-012, 13 cert exams, I would be greatful if anyone could suggest me some books or trainning material for the exams.Plz mail me at sunstarprasad@yahoo.comThank uPrasad

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