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01 Sep 2014
Need Help Fro Traning Purpose


1) You can add a row using SQL in a database with which of the following?
2) Which of the following do you need to consider when you make a table in SQL?
All of the above
3) Which one of the following Sorts rows in SQL?
Order By
4) The SQL Statement that queries or read data form a table is __________
5) The SQL Command to create a table is
Create Table
6) Which operator tests the table column for the absence of the data?
7) The SQL Keyword BETWEEN is used?
For ranges
8) The Command to remove rows from the table ‘CUSTOMER’ is?
Delete table Customer
9) The Command to eliminate rows from a table ‘CUSTOMER’ is?
Delete table Customer
10) What is a Database?
A Database is a collection of tables, with related data.
11) What is a Foreign Key? (Select all that apply)
A Foreign Key is a linking pin between two or more tables.
A Foreign Key is an encrypted key to the database.
A Foreign Key is unique key provided by the Software Manufacturer.
A Foreign Key is one unique key on every database.
12) What is Select Statement?
Defines what is to be returned.
Selecting any particular database object.
Highlighting the database.
It’s used while creating a database.
13) Which of the following are the comparison operators?
14) A table consists of?       
None of above.
15) What is UNION?
Product of two or more tables.
Product of two or more columns in a table.
Product of two or more records (rows) in a table.
None of the above.
Section 2 (10 Questions)
The next S set of questions (1-5) is based on below table: Table Name: EMP_Master
Emp_Id           Emp_Name       Emp_Project       Emp_Manager       Designation
1112252      John Martin           Wal-Mart        Stacy Mangle       Store Manager
1112253       David Hoff          Whirlpool                        Victor Maze         Finance Analyst
1112254     Stanley Lawson      Papa Jones         Gloria McFaul      Logistics’ Analyst
 1112255    Nancy Bridge         Whirlpool           Tara Wood           Sr. Financial Analyst
 1112256   Tom Herald             Papa Jones         Michael Bell         Client Manager
 1112257     Nicholas Jr.          Lexmark               Bill Faber             Field Services Manager
 1112258    Bryan Nickson    Wal-Mart           Ben Bernanke    Billing Head
1.How do we retrieve the Employee Names from the Emp_Master Table?
Select * From Emp_Master:
Select Emp_Name IN Emp_Master:
Select Emp_Name from Emp_Master
Select All Emp_Name from Emp_Master
2.Get all the Employee data from the Whirlpool Project?
Select * IN Emp_Master WHERE Emp_Project = Whirlpool
Select All from Emp_Master WHERE Emp_Project = Whhirlpool
Select * from Emp_Master WHERE Emp_project = Whirlpool
Select * from Emp_Master WHERE Emp_Project <> Whirlpool
3.Retrieve All Manager Names from the Emp_Master Tables                    
Select Emp_Manager From Emp_Master WHERE Designation Like %Manager%
Select Emp_Manager WHERE Designation = “Manager”
Select Emp_Manager WHERE Designation IS Manager
Select Emp_Manager WHERE Designation = ?Manager’:
4.How many records are there in the Emp_master table with Wal-Mart Project?
Select SUM(Emp_Project) from Emp_Master WHERE Emp_Project = Wal-Mart
Select Count (Emp_Project) from Emp_Master WHERE Emp_Project LIKE-Wal-Mart
Select CountIF (Emp_Project) =Wal-Mart from Emp_Master
Select Count (Emp_Project) From Emp_Master WHERE Emp_Project  ONLY ‘Wal-Mart’.
5. Retrieve the Project Names from Emp_Master Table With no Duplicate Values.
Select ONLY Emp_Project from Emp_Master
Select DISTINCT Emp_Project from Emp_Master
Select UNIQUE Emp_Project from Emp_Master
Select DISTINCTIVE Emp_Project from Emp_Master.
6. What is the command to create  the print file of the report?
7. Which one of the below are correct?
TURNCATE is a DDL Command and cannot be rolled back DELETE is a DML Command and can be rolled back.
DELETE is a DDL Command and can be rolled back. TURNCATE is a DML Command and cannot be rolled back.
DELETE is a DML Command and cannot be rolled back. TURNCATE is a DDL Command and can be rolled back.
None of the Above.
8. Which Command is used to execute the content of a specific file?
9. Wildcard % is used for single character Substitution and _ is for multi character Substitution.
10. Which of the below statement are true for the Primary Key & Unique Key? (Select all that apply)
Primary Key creates the clustered index. Non-Clustered index is created by the Unique Key.
Primary Key allows NULLs. Unique Key does not NULLs.     
Primary Key does not allow NULLs. Unique Key allows NULLs.
Primary Key Creates the Non-Clustered index. Clustered index is created by the Unique Key.
Section 3 (5 Questions)
1 Fill in the blanks: How do you select all the records from a table named “persons” where the value of the column “First-Name” is “Peter”?
Ans:   Select _____*_____ From Persons WHERE First-Name _____=____ “Peter”.
2. Fill in the blanks: How do you all the recodes from a table named “Persons” where the value of the column “First-Name” starts with an “a”?
Ans:  Select * From Persons WHERE First-Name ___LIKE a%_
3. Write a Simple  SQL query based on the following given criteria: Delete the records where the “First-Name” is “Peter” in the “Persons” table?
 Ans: DELETE FROM Persons WHERE FirstName = 'Peter'
4.  Write a simple SQL query based on the following given criteria:  Change “Hansen” into “Nilsen” in the “Last-Name” Column in the Persons table?
    UPDATE Persons SET LastName='Nilsen' WHERE LastName='Hansen'
5. Write a simple SQL query based on the following given criteria: Remove the Column “Last-Name” in Persons table?
I need the Following answers for the Test Please can anyone help me in this...........

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02 Sep 2014

I don't believe the purpose of this forum is to provide test question answers.
You can take the SQL WBT classes to research these questions, test this SQL on a system such a Teradata Express, or read the reference manuals.

Larry Carter

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05 Sep 2014

Please dont mind my suggestions. Reading the materials and practicing like in Express  as mentioned above will help. By practicing and having real time implementation, it gives good confidence and we can fare well. Also, by learning more practically, it motivates to do the work justifiably and we give justice to work. Finally, it gives what is called job satisfaction.

Raja K Thaw
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