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Informatica online course in USA

<a href = "" >Informatica</a> Online Training|Online Informatica Training|Informatica Online Training in Hyderabad India


Informatica Is the best ETL tool Informatica Power Center is a powerful ETL tool developed Informatica Corporation.


Informatica Corporation developed various products are:


    Informatica B2B Data Exchange

    Informatica Data Quality

    Informatica Data Explorer

    Informatica Power Center (9.1 Version introduced)

    Informatica on demand



Informatica Power Center is a ETL Tool (Extract,Transform,Load) Its a enterprise data integration tool for extracting the data transforming the data and integrating data from various business system or data bases, in any kind of format, and delivering that data throughout the enterprise reporting systems


Informatica Power Center Editions :


Because each and every data integration project is different and includes different variables such as various data volumes, different requirements, IT infrastructure, and the different methodologies—Informatica offers three Power Center Editions and a suite of Power Center Options to meet your project’s and organization’s specific needs.


    Standard Edition

    Real Time Edition

    Advanced Edition



Sun Itlabs providing Best Quality Informatica Online Training


Informatica Course Content:

Data Warehousing Concepts


•    Dataware housing (what is Dataware housing /Why Dataware housing/How Dataware housing)

•    Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD1, SCD2, SCD3)

•    Metadata

•    Dimentinal Table

•    Types Of Dim Tables

•    Fact Table

•    Types of Fact Tables

•    OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing)

•    OLAP (Online Analysis And Processing)


•    Advantages of OLAP

•    Different Methodologies of DWH

PowerCenter Components and User Interface


•    Informatica PowerCenter Architecture

•    Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools

•    Start Using of the Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor


Source Qualifier


•    Source Qualifier Transformation

•    SQL override in source qualifier transformation

•    Source qualifier transformation joins concept

•    Source qualifier transformation on Relational Databases

•    Source qualifier transformation on File systems

•    Source qualifier transformation filter concepts

•    Difference Between SQL Override, Other Options

•    Source Qualifier Transformation Performance Tunning

•    Pre SQL and Post in Source Qualifier Transformation


 Expression, Filter, File Lists and Workflow Scheduler


•    Expression Editor

•    Filter Transformation

•    File Lists

•    Workflow Scheduler

•    Lab – Load the Customer Staging Table and Real time issues


Joins, Features and Techniques I


•    Joiner Transformation

•    Shortcuts

•    Lab A – Load Sales Transaction Staging Table

•    Lab B – Features and Techniques I and Real time issues


Lookups and Reusable Transformations


•    Lookup Transformation

•    Reusable Transformations

•    Lab A – Load Employee Staging Table

•    Lab B – Load Date Staging Table and Real time issues




•    Debugging Mappings

•    Lab – Using the Debugger


Sequence Generator


•    Sequence Generator Transformation

•    Lab – Load Date Dimension Table and Real time issues


Lookup Caching, More Features and Techniques


•    Lookup Caching

•    Lab A – Load Promotions Dimension Table

•    Lab B – Features and Techniques II

•    Review and more Lab Activities and Real time issues


Router, update Strategy and Overrides


•    Router Transformation

•    Update Strategy Transformation

•    Expression Default Values

•    Source Qualifier Override

•    Target Override

•    Session Task Mapping Overrides

•    Lab – Load Employee Dimension Table and Real time issues


Dynamic Lookup and Error Logging


•    Dynamic Lookup

•    Error Logging

•    Lab – Load Customer Dimension Table


Unconnected Lookup, Parameters and Variables


•    Unconnected Lookup Transformation

•    System Variables

•    Mapping Parameters and Variables

•    Lab – Load Sales Fact Table


Sorter, Aggregator and Self-Join


•    Sorter Transformation

•    Aggregator Transformation

•    Active and Passive Transformations

•    Data Concatenation

•    Self-Join

•    Lab – Reload the Employee Staging Table and Real time issues


SCD type1 – Hands-On LAB


SCD type2 – Hands-On LAB


SCD type3 – Hands-On LAB




•    Mapplets

•    Lab – Load Product Daily Aggregate Table

•    Review and more Lab Activities and Real time issues


Workflow Variables and Tasks


•    Link Conditions

•    Workflow Variables

•    Assignment Task

•    Decision Task

•    Email Task

•    Lab – Load Product Weekly Aggregate Table


More Tasks and Reusability


•    Event Raise Task

•    Event Wait Task

•    Command Task

•    Reusable Tasks

•    Reusable Session Task

•    Reusable Session Configuration


Worklets and More Tasks


•    Worklets

•    Timer Task

•    Control Task


Please call us for the Demo Classes we have regular batches and weekend batches. 


Contact :


India :+91 9030928000





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