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Raom 16 posts Joined 12/04
04 Dec 2006
Implementation & SQL exams

Hi, I am taking Physical implementation and SQL exams on Dec 16th.For both, I have studied coffing books.For physical implementation, is Coffing book good enough?I have taken practice exams from teradata as well as Coffing.Thanks for your input.Thanks

Thanks Rao M
szimmer 1 post Joined 07/04
06 Dec 2006

Yes, the Coffing book was good enough for a fellow associate to pass the physical implementation test with no prior sample testing.Good luck!

Nagendhran 11 posts Joined 12/06
15 Dec 2006

where can i find the coffing book/material for physical implementation ?

DaZzL3R 20 posts Joined 12/06
16 Dec 2006

To Nagendhran,Coffing books are available on his website. "".

19 Dec 2006

I don't think examination specific books are available online. For examination specific material u need to contact NCR-Education which offers training..I think in India it operates from NCR-Mumbai..All the best.

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

XTUPIE 42 posts Joined 11/05
29 Dec 2006

HiTom Coffings book as really good but I suggest you get some training and experience behind you as well as some questions will might need rely on your experience and past exam knowledge.I personally had the privilege of attending a Tom Coffin course which JUMP Started my TeraData carree but I still had been working with it for a year before training. The books sure helped a lot but I dii some extra research and practicing concepts to cement my understanding of them.Just remember each TD Exam is setup not to catch oyu out but to test your knowledge of the subject and the exam I wrote will most likely not be the same exam questions as you wrote because NCR changes the exam every two weeks and no two centres in the same area have the same paper for that period. This is the reason why, if you should fail and exam you have to wait TEWO weeks before you can rewrite the exam.Kind regard and all the best for the exams.


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