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navench 3 posts Joined 01/12
15 Feb 2012
Immediat TERADATA Online training available...,Interested people drop a mail

Hi..this is Naveen Kumar.., working in TERADATA technology from the past 4 plus years of one of the reputed organization and many of my trainers are settled in very good positions in India and Abroad as well (for your reference if you want I will provide their contact numbers & mail id's also) and i am the person providing you very good training with explaining all the concepts by comparing to real time work and showing the real time environment how it is.

                         More over all of my training is like practical way to do not theoretically and execution part is done by yours from your end on your PC in front of me through the support of team viewer virtual environment or else I will do that on my end in front of you through the same virtual environment, we will go ahead this based on your requirement and along with this I will provide you enough soft copy (nearly 2 GB) material, teradata software demo version to practise, certification dumps also, not only that I will assist you on resume preparation, explaining and showing the real time projects how it will comes in real time, providing assistance till getting a job, model resumes, mock interviews and practicing interview questions with smart answers, all together I will finish on your convince time and with specific time frame. So If any body is interested drop a mail else call me on below number +91-9545697359

mruhullah 2 posts Joined 02/12
24 Feb 2012

Hi Naveen,


I would like to know more about the structure of the study program. Why I  am asking you is because I am planning to appear for Teradata 12 certification.

Will be great help if you provide with detailed information including your fee.





navench 3 posts Joined 01/12
26 Feb 2012


It's good to see your reply, please provide me your personal mail_id I will mail you all the details else please drop a mail to my ( mail_id, I will share you the Study program and all the details.


Naveen Kumar

09 Aug 2012


Teradata Developer / Teradata DBA Online Training /class room Training by Teradata certified Master and Teradata Senior Architect ( 8985745972,Hyderabad) :

Teradata Training for Teradata DBAs

Teradata Training for Teradata Developers

Teradata Training on TPT

Teradata Training for Teradata Performance Tuning

Teradata Training for Teradata Designers

Teradata Training for Teradata Datamodelers

Teradata Training for Teradata Architects

Teradata Training for Teradata Certification Guidance

Teradata Job Support

Teradata Resume Preparation and Guidance

Teradata Job Guidance


Contact:  8985745972


Josephking 1 post Joined 08/12
28 Aug 2012

TERADATA Online training available(INDIA)...<>


Trainig will be provided as per your requirement and convenience.I am a Teradata SQL  specialist having 4 years of experience as a developer,designer.

srikkaanth 1 post Joined 12/12
16 Dec 2012

If you are  looking for  training in Teradata DBA or Dev, I suggest to take the classes from Manohar. Recently I completed the training from him. He explains each and every topic very clearly and has indepth knowledge in the subject. He answers all the questions asked by the trainees by listening very patiently.
If you are interested reach out to him

The demo sessions are uploaded here

iqbal898 10 posts Joined 12/10
21 Jan 2013

Excellent Teradata Professional available online.  Pl. contact on the following email if you would like to learn basic or advanced Teradata.
 "Manohar Krishna " <>
His expertise in TD is second to none !  His way of teaching will make you TD professional in no time !

indu.etl 1 post Joined 06/13
23 Jun 2013

If you are looking for teradata online classes....Excellent certified terdata professional is available at your convinient timings...
1) More than 7 years experience as a Teradata Developer.
2) Certified four levels of Teradata certifications.
3) Informatica ETL developer
5) All standard Informatica Power Center tools such as Repository Manager, Designer, Work Flow Manager, Work Flow Monitor, Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Transformation Developer, Mapplet Designer, Mapping Designer, Workflow Designer, Task Developer, Worklet Designer, Task View, Mapplets, Mappings, Workflows, Sessions, and Re-usable Transformations. 
6) Extensive knowledge in Data Warehousing concepts.
contact at


12 Feb 2014

 If you are looking for teradata online classess then certified teradata profesional  is available at your convinient timings..
(i) Having 6.5 years of experience as Teradata developer.
(ii) Completed four  levels of Teradata certifications.
(iii) Worked extensively on BTEQ, FASTLOAD, FASTEXPORT and MULTILOAD.
You can contact me at

Ashoktera 12 posts Joined 03/14
23 Mar 2014

Hi, We are five friends working as ETL Testers and Mainframe developers. Wanted to change our career to BI area.
Can any one suggest is it easy to learn teradata? and any training program to teach along with real time scenarios ?


sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
24 Mar 2014

Hi Ashok,
With a basic understanding of RDBMS and SQL it is easy to learn Teradata.
Similar discussions happend about the trainigs  in this and other threads also. please gothrugh below links and can find a suitable training program for you and your friends (Beware of fraud  Take demos and samples before deciding)

kumar_etl 1 post Joined 03/14
30 Mar 2014

Hi guys, Recently i had taken online training from Laasya( and i felt worth for money and time ....i was new to teradata,recently changed from Oracle to teradata and I got lots of exposure to theory and real time i got confidence to take up my new project..By the way she will provide  initial demo..once u feel it is good you can continue.... hope this post will help you ...

30 Mar 2014

Hi Ashok,
If you are still looking for online training then you can reach me @ 

Ashok_Kumar 1 post Joined 12/13
29 Jul 2014

Teradata training provided by Manohar( is really exceptional with the topics covered in depth, listening to doubts and clarifying them, needless to say the best.
I would recommend him for teradata training.

anilraju 8 posts Joined 01/15
21 Jan 2015

Dear Friends / Aspirators,
Don't believe these marketting advertisements,every one misusing this web site for
their marketting strategies. Specially this Manohar( or manohar marketting advertizers.
Everyday there is a mail / some news about him...I am wondering with the publicity here.
I am unable to decide which institute is good,who is good....
Please suggest some one the best institute for Teradata Learning.




anilraju 8 posts Joined 01/15
04 Mar 2015

Hello Friends,
I hope you would have read my info posted earlier.
My final words after training from VinayTech,Hyderbad.(Genuine feedback,not pubility like others)
                       --Classes very in detail :(Best part,he covered Performance Tuning DBA part and
                                                                              Application DBA part--which is required for us)
                       --Time spent : 55 hours (Only for DBA which includes Performance Tuning and
                                                               Application DBA)
                       --Fee : Very normal compare to other peeople (half of the price)
                      --Timings : Strict and decipline (thats why I missed couple of sessions)
                      --Subject Interest: Faculty covered all ,that depth I guess we don't require
                       -- Realtime : Concept wise classes with required real time stuff (If more realtime
                                         he provides that would be better,I think due to time factor might be  
                                         giving like that)
                     --Students: All levels(Beinners,Experienced etc...) this is a bit embrassing since
                                        he teaches slowly.
                     --Note: For theory he has given material,practicals we need to  write          
Now you guys can take your own decision.
Thank You.

02 May 2015

There are many options available online, just avoid manohar as I already wasted my time and money with him. He just keeps advertising through multiple fake ids and one video which he keeps sharing from last 4 years. I paid 15K (that too for only Teradata basics) and kept repenting for 20 classes which were just waste of time, better to go for basic sql class. He spends one class in explain one sql query and in 20 classes your training is over and you realise you still do not know Teradata. He is good in marketing, but not in teaching.

lokendraakhil 2 posts Joined 03/16
23 Mar 2016

hi...What is the quick way i can learn teradata to accomplish my projects (I newly assigned to one recently).

Mohank1006 1 post Joined 08/16
09 Aug 2016

Hi All,
Good day.
This is Mohan, and I joined in this group just now.

Mohan K

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