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emaillenin 4 posts Joined 04/13
10 May 2013
How to answer conflicting questions?

I am writing TE0-123 exam. If a question involves any new features in TD 13.10 (such as compression on varying length fields), should we answer the question as though TD 12 is the current release or we should answer based on the TD 14.0 (or whatver is actually latest)
Eg question - Can VARCHAR column be compressed in Teradata?
The actual answer is YES accoring to TD 13.10. But since it is TD 12 exam, should we mark it as NO?

-- Lenin,

blng_blng 4 posts Joined 01/13
16 May 2013

i am sitting for te0-121 (did you clear that?) and I am running into the same issue...
what did you use to clear te0-121?

07 Jul 2013

I have cleared TE0-125 recently. Now no help is available for TE0-126 :(

Muhammad Fahad.

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