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BUJJI_TERADATA 1 post Joined 02/11
17 Feb 2011
Help Required on TE0-123 exam.


I am cleared TE0-121, TE0-122 exams after studing WBT material.
Is there any wbt materaial available for TE0-123 exam in

Any one who cleared TE0-123 exam, please help me on this.

Thanks in advance.


nitneo 2 posts Joined 03/11
03 Mar 2011


i know that instead of answering your query am shooting another one to you ;)

can you please tell me how many questions you faced in TEO-121 and TEO-122 and also what is the passing percentage for these exams

thanks in advance

Rakesh39 1 post Joined 02/11
10 Mar 2011

Hi Bujji,

congrats on your sucessful completion of TE0-121, TE0-122 exams.I want to write TE0-121 basics exam.Could you please provide me the materials which you prepared for basics like WBT and any other materils.
please send to "".

appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance

bigapple 4 posts Joined 06/10
10 Mar 2011

Congrats Bujji, could you guide me to clear TE0-121, TE0-122 exams,

Thanks and pls mail any helpful material to


15 Mar 2011

For information on how to prepare for Teradata 12 Certification, please visit the TCPP website: and refer to the "How to Prepare for Certification" link.

The following study tools available for Teradata 12 exams can be found on the TCPP website:
- Quick Reference Guide and curriculum maps which provide formal education and practical experience recommendations
- Exam objectives that provide high level objectives to focus areas of study
- Additional References document provides additional Teradata 12.0 formal documentation to study for each exam
- To find certification curriculum course pricing and information, please refer to the information and links at the Teradata Education Network site:

The only authorized education is available through the Teradata Education Network (TEN) and Teradata University (internal only). Use of any unauthorized materials including, but not limited to: practice tests, brain dumps, etc. are violations of the TCPP Security Policy and may endanger your certification status and eligibility for future Teradata certifications.

Teradata Certified Professional Program Team
Teradata Corporation

pabbaskhan 9 posts Joined 02/11
20 May 2011

Hi Bujji,

you can give the material to these peoples right,please share the 121,122.
i will give yu the 123 material and i have one website there you can get ok.
you can mail me i will give you.

i will give you sure ,believe me.

pabbaskhan 9 posts Joined 02/11
20 May 2011

Nearly i have 195 q&a i have.

tarookz 1 post Joined 07/11
10 Jul 2011

Hello guys, if there is anyone who has any material for the Physical exam (TE0-123) please provide me with it. My e-mail is: I heard there are 2 courses, one for the design and one for the tuning. If anyone has them, your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Tarek Selim

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