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sidswami 6 posts Joined 05/12
01 Jun 2012
Genuine/Quality Teradata DBA training needed.


I am looking for someone who can provide me genuine/quality training on DBA tasks of Teradata. It should be hands on training, covering all aspects/day-to-day tasks of a Teradata DBA. I am not looking for training on the basics, I can manage. I know the Teradata architecture and SQL. I have completed TE0-121 certification, soon going to give an attempt on TE0-122.

I have searched through this forum but have not found any convincing offerings.

I am from Chennai. I have 7 years of IT experience, currently working as Mainframe/DB2 designer. I don't mind travelling to other cities in India to get trained provided the course is full-time and not more than a 10 days. I don't mind travelling for weekend classes either. All I am looking for is quality training.

My last option would be commiting for an online training, but I wouldn't mind if the trainer is good.

Let me know if you are a real time TD DBA, who could help me out. Call me @ 9884327099 and we can discuss.


Thanks, Siddharth.
blng_blng 4 posts Joined 01/13
07 May 2013

has anyone passed te0-121?

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