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yashwanth599 1 post Joined 11/10
09 Nov 2010
Difference between Teradata Certification Tracks

Hi all,

I am relatively new to Teradata. I am actually looking to take a certification exam in teradata. However, I am confused by difference in the certification exams. I see two different tracks for the certification. One is V2R5 related stuff (like NR0-011) and the other is Teradata 12 stuff (like TE0- 121).

Could anyone please explain me the difference between the two tracks? which one is the latest and the most valued?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

ll186004 1 post Joined 04/10
09 Nov 2010

Please go ahead with Teradata 12 TEO-121.

V2R5 is the previous Teradata version.

15 Nov 2010

Take up TE0-121 exam.All the best

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