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srini.dw 1 post Joined 08/06
08 Nov 2006
Difference Between CURRENT_DATE() and DATE

Hi all,Difference Between CURRENT_DATE() and DATE

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
08 Nov 2006

CURRENT_DATE [no parentheses] is ANSI SQL and should be used for new development. DATE is old Teradata-only syntax retained for backward compatibility.

Scott at Sabre 1 post Joined 11/06
15 Nov 2006

Can current_date be used in an equationwhere tbl1.host_date = current_date -1

sachinp17 53 posts Joined 11/06
01 Feb 2007

ya you can use..regds,sachin

textures21 12 posts Joined 01/05
05 Feb 2007

Be careful that you do not try to use these expressions on PPI tables. If so, the optimizer will not invoke partition eliminiation (at least in the current release.)-pt

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