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18 Jul 2013
Big DATA Hadoop Training |big data developer training


Module:    Thinking at Scale: Introduction to Hadoop

You know your data is big – you found Hadoop. What implications must you consider when working at this scale? This lecture addresses common challenges and general best practices for scaling with your data.


Module: MapReduce and HDFS

These tools provide the core functionality to allow you to store, process, and analyze big data. This lecture "lifts the curtain" and explains how the technology works. You'll understand how these components fit together and build on one another to provide a scalable and powerful system.


Module: Getting Started with Hadoop

If you'd like a more hands-on experience, this is a good time to download the VM and kick the tires a bit. In this activity, using the provided instructions, you'll get a feel for the tools and run some sample jobs.


Module: The Hadoop Ecosystem

An introduction to other projects surrounding Hadoop, which complete the greater ecosystem of available large-data processing tools

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