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10 Jul 2015
Are you looking for Online Training in Big Data/Hadoop Analytics & Data Science Technologies ..?

Are you looking for Big Data/Hadoop with Data Analytics & Data Science Training ..?,
Here i am the one & only source stop solution for all of your technical requirements.
I am in expert to provide training on below Data Science/Data Analytics/Big Data/Hadoop components like .,
HDFS & Map/Reduce
Apache PIG
Apache HIVE
Apache SQOOP
Hadoop R language
Big Data/Hadoop Job scheduling Tool Apache OOZIE
Live streaming Data capture component Apache FLUME
Not Only SQL (No SQL) DB's like .,
Problem Solving
Optimization Techniques
HBase, HBase with Java API
HBase with Map/Reduce Integration
Mongo DB, Mongo DB with Java API
Hadoop/Big Data Administration and Developer Tracks & Components
Big Data/Hadoop Single Node Custer Setup in UNIX, LINUX, CentOS, Fedora, Sun Solaris & Windows
Big Data/Hadoop Multinode Node Cluster Setup in UNIX, LINUX, CentOS, Fedora, Sun Solaris & Windows
HDFS Cluster Node Commisioning & De Comissioning
Big Data/Hadoop to Mysql Data Transfer/Communication
Big Data/Hadoop to Teradata Data Transfer/Communication
Big Data Developer Tracks
Big Data Anylist Tracks
Big Data Architect Tracks
Big Data Engineer Tracks
Biig Analytics Business Consutant
Teradata Loom
Teradata Developer Track
Teradata Administrator/Amin Tracks
Mysql to Big Data/Hadoop Data Transfer/Communication
Teradata to Big Data/Hadoop Data Transfer/Communication
Also I do provide training on Java/J2EE, UNIX/LINUX & SQL and along with this .,
Software Setup & Installation on your PC: Will do
Certification Dumps: Will provide
Operating Systems: Will Provide
Required Java JRE, JDK & JAR's: Will provide
Material, Soft Copies & Running Notes: Will provide
Real Time Scenarios & Projects: Will provide
Profile Preparation: Will help you
Model Profiles: Will provide you
Real Time Interview Questions & FAQ's: Will provide you
Mock up Interviews: Will conduct
So if you are really interested to learn please drop an email to below email, will respond you back quickly.
      Thanks & Regards,
        Naveen Kumar

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