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sanidhya 0 posts Joined 08/14
24 Aug 2014
Any One Want to learn Teradata through online efficiently

Hi All,
Anybody wants to learn total each and every topic about Teradata with real time pojects please comment here i will guid you
thank you

chidambar_d 0 posts Joined 03/15
27 Mar 2015

Pl mail the details about your location and content of the training and how it's different from others to

nileshpisat 0 posts Joined 02/15
29 Mar 2015

Please help me ASAP i need to give a teradata basic exam next month and have to pass the test otherwise company will fired me so please help me by sending the dump for exam and your fruitfull suggestion on how to prepare for exam.

swa 0 posts Joined 06/15
24 Jun 2015

Hi I would like to learn Teradata. Please guide me how should i start with.I have good knowledge in SQL

tekals 0 posts Joined 07/15
07 Jul 2015

Interested in teradata training, please provide your contact info

Moumi1 0 posts Joined 07/15
10 Jul 2015

Hi, I am a newbie to this technology,needed opinions to solve specific problems:
        currently I am deployed over a migration from DB2 to TDD via SAP BO(we are making use of the     universes ).Thing is that there are thousands of reports and if we plan to change the connections of DB2 to TDD through universes, the corresponding table name changes are not getting reflected in the Report levels.. and there would be an involvement of lot of manual entry work if we try to work on each and every reports.
                       Could anyone suggest any idea ,can we resolve this through the CMC level?

Moumi1 0 posts Joined 07/15
10 Jul 2015

 I am interested in teradata training,please provide the relevant information accordingly

mk186083 5 posts Joined 01/16
28 Feb 2016

I want to pass TE0-142 and TE0-143 exams.
I am attaching syllabus.
I am also available on 
kindly guide me.

Madhavi K

Kajal Sengupta 0 posts Joined 04/16
04 Sep 2016

I wonder how do you provide for online training. Do you use virtual classrooms? If yes, then which one do you use?

Kajal Sengupta_online Physics teacher

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