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rajesh-samy 2 posts Joined 10/14
06 Oct 2014
Any institute for training in Bangalore

Any institute for training in Bangalore

poonam patel 6 posts Joined 10/14
09 Oct 2014

Hello Rajesh,

What is the Course you are looking for.
I can help you if you can specify the name of the course.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
09 Oct 2014

Bangalore is so big, commuting from one area to another takes hours, even with less traffic :).
Which training you want? face-to-face, virtual. I feel that training in India should take a new shape, where practical is more so that youths are employable and they  do not need to search for job, rather they can come with new ideas and solutions. The govt should take initiative on this. It is just my opinion.

Raja K Thaw
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rajesh-samy 2 posts Joined 10/14
16 Nov 2014

Hi Guys,Thanks for the response i have already joined the teradata course via online .I noticed training provided by Manohar is  one of the best.He is one of the best intructors who takes through the teradata course with ease.
If u want  to get good knowledge and training i would recommend to contact Manohar on the following email address:

03 May 2015

Do not go for Manohar. I attended his training and it was complete waste of time and money. He created multiple fake ids for his own publicity. If you would like to know his real identity, ask him for a copy of his pan card and you will realise.

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