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11 Jan 2010
Any best Training Centres you guys know in Hyderabad??

Hi guys, I am trying to find out the best online training centre in Hyderabad for Teradata. Don't have any clue about the training centres over there. I am working in NYC in Teradata and would like a best possible way to learn and give all the Teradata certifications this year. Hope you guys can help me suggesting the best traning center for this.Thanks much in advance.

12 May 2010

Teradata corporation itself, U bet. It might cost you about 3000 dollars however.

Ramakrishna Vedantam, Tata consultancy services, Hyderabad

29 Jun 2010

hi , I am giving Teradata training , please mail me .

rajkumar.emandi 1 post Joined 04/11
05 Apr 2011

I trained in DataWarehousing Technologies from the Faculty VINAY.
He is the best faculty for Teradata in Ameerpet,Hyd.I placed in TCS after taking coaching
from him.I reffered from my brother who already learned and got job in Wipro long back.
If you need real time exposure,working scenerios and concepts,he is the best.
He gives valuable notes, good material and real time small projects.

He is very famous in Ameerpet with Tearadata.Experience with him.

murali_teradata 1 post Joined 04/11
11 Apr 2011

Hi dued,
what u said is absolutely correct.I have taken training from him,and I am having 7 years of
experience,as I am looking for change of my career some one suggested to go for Datastage and Teradata,I took training from Vinay at Datawarehousing technologies.Even though I learned Datastage and Teradata,I got job in Teradata.

daggula 5 posts Joined 02/11
14 Apr 2011


Hi rajkumar emandi
This is ashok from hyderabad
i am new to teradata
can you give me your contact details
i have small doubts.

Ashok Reddy Daggula

badithya 9 posts Joined 05/09
15 Jul 2011

The best faculty is Vardhan who is teaching in "Visual path" institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Sumaramani 1 post Joined 08/11
07 Aug 2011

Me Sumani ,Btech from Bharmpur Orissa, As per my opinion" Vinay sir" is the best faculty for teradata in Hyderabad. He is having very sound knowledge in Teradata and Realtime.
He is taking DWH fundamentals and Project sessions ,which are really good.

09 Mar 2012

i also provide Teradata certfication Training on teradata 12, all exams.

9866409913--KPHB--KSD Technologies

13 Mar 2012

Teradata Job guarantee Training (online/class room) by Teradata certified Master and Teradata Senior Architect ( 8985745972, KSD Technologies, KPHB) :

Teradata Training for Teradata Developers

Teradata Training for Teradata DBAs

Teradata Training for Teradata Performance Tuning

Teradata Training for Teradata Designers

Teradata Training for Teradata Datamodelers

Teradata Training for Teradata Architects

Teradata Training for Teradata Certification Guidance

Teradata Job Support

Teradata Resume Preparation and Guidance

Teradata Job Guidance

Teradata resource supply to companies/Recruiters, HR people can reach me on 8985745972 for Teradata resources; I provide Teradata resources for low CTC.

03 May 2012

Teradata Training and Teradata Job support
Please contact : 8985745972

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14 May 2012

Hi All ,


Am  one of the citicm of Mr.Naidu who is running KSD in KPHB HYD,Basically he does not know any thing

and he is charging fees like any thing and Pls do not take any training from him ,

He is ex employee of IBM and now he is with INFI.


There are best institues in Ameerpet Hyd, who is charging not more than 6000.



Rajyam403 10 posts Joined 05/12
14 May 2012

Hi Guys,



am talking abt the bekow guy,Please do not entertain these kind of guys.


i give training on Teradata in KPHB.

call: 9866409913.

i am a Teradata certified Master. Currently working as a Senior Teradata Architect.

KSD Technologies is my institute.

200% job guarantee.

alliswell 1 post Joined 06/12
16 Jun 2012

I have read lot of good comments about Vinay sir. I am looking for Teradata Developer Training. Can anyone please provide me his contact details and training inst address. ? 


syam 7 posts Joined 09/07
18 Jul 2012

Mr prasad is taking teradata trainings at kukatpally.he is very professional and providing good training.but only disadvantage is you should have system to get training from him.he allows only 5 members per batch and provide real time scenarios  and projects.

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19 Jul 2012


Here one institute in kukatpally hyderabad for terdatatraining

i hope it is good for you and they provide real time project experiance

here is the web page of them

kondapaneni 3 posts Joined 10/11
20 Sep 2012

I just went to DataWarehousing Technologies (Faculty VINAY), According to my knowledge he know only basic teradata adminstration.
as a dba i won't suggest this guy...

With Best Regards,
Jitendra Kondapaneni

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20 Sep 2012




Contact person : Krishna 


mahiprince 1 post Joined 06/11
16 Dec 2012

manohar is best

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20 Nov 2013

Hello everybody,
I had taken long back training from Mr. Vinay ,he is fine for teradata all concepts(specially development).But  he takes around 2 months for that.
Recently I heard that he had started a new institute (name like Vinay Tech or something...).
You can check with him whether he is taking or not at present.

05 Jan 2014

Dear Friends, Still my Teradata classes are going on and i can say one thing is ...Mr Manohar is an excellent trainer who can make us expertise in dev and DBA even if we are new to the Teradata....I strongly recommend to approach him if you really wish to make a good career in this area....

c vishnuvardhan

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
19 Jan 2014

Hi all,
I attended both the demos of Vinay and Manohar. Both are doing good job in training. Here is my opinion -
Vinay is good at teradata development only class room training. If you are in Hyderabad can contact him in vinay tech, Ameerpet. Relatively less expensive.
Manohar is good at both teradata development and DBA. He does only online trainings. you can contact him through . A bit expensive but worthful .

b.sudheer 3 posts Joined 05/13
16 Feb 2014

I have recently completed my DEV&DBA training from Manohar in on-line and now i am very much comfortable working on  Teradata even though i am a core Maniframe Developer explained all  the topics in detailed and with real examples.

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
17 Feb 2014

Hi Sudeer, Thanks for the input. Just to clarify are you refering Manohar with id the speaker of below video ?

b.sudheer 3 posts Joined 05/13
17 Feb 2014

Yes it is the same I'm referring.

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
17 Feb 2014

ok. Thanks Sudeer. It helps.

18 Feb 2014

       I'm from hyderbad, Is there any one who can help real time scenarios and day to day processing and daily getting errors in real time. Please inform me.
email id :
ph: 9703803452

ck504 3 posts Joined 02/13
03 Mar 2014

I have learned Teradata from Manohar.  At the end of the course he would explain a case study which involve dimensional model, ETL process and Teradata tools.  I feel confident after completion of case study regarding real time scenarios. You can also give a try.

08 Mar 2014

Hi sudheer,
How was  the training with Manohar and how long days it took.
I am planing for teradata training. 
Can you give ur contact details so that i can call you and get some usefull information in regards to this.
Actually I am in Hury 
U can reach me at 


b.sudheer 3 posts Joined 05/13
15 Mar 2014


I have very good experience with Manohar's training. He generally conducts demo and free regular sessions before each can attend those sessions and can find how much comfortable you are and take a decision. I will reach you through your mobile and can discuss further.




vsadevi21 1 post Joined 03/14
19 Mar 2014

i have taken the course from vinay sir at ameerpet ,i did not get placed in teradata subject at all ,just went like every one and heard his name and paid the fees and gone through the course 
I think he is good and he teaches well , i did not get placed any where in teradata ,but i like his style of teaching and they way he reaches out to the students a lot of some of the since 2011 haves been, now i am planning to start my own instittute for tera data .
I am still in initial stages , it requires a lot of planninig , vinay sir has it and he make it look simple some time ,he also missess some time no body is bcoz perfect .
best of luck guys ,one thing is sure ,dont pay fees just i did for learning , put your heart and soul in to it and respect the sir ,it may be vinay who ever it may be .
thanks ,

venkat3107 4 posts Joined 12/11
05 May 2014

Manohar is very good at TD DBA training.He explained all  the topics in detailed and with real examples.

You can contact him through

itsikshana 1 post Joined 05/14
14 May 2014

IT Training Institutes Information, Free Online Tests, Study Materials..More 
Visit :

16 May 2014

Hi Sudheer,
Can you please give me the contact email id so that i can mail u.
are else plese drop me a maill at


Gayathri.ganta 1 post Joined 05/14
28 May 2014

Please dont choose Technosoft Ameerpet. They are offering all courses at half of the market price but faculty is bad and worst mangament. i lost my money and time

01 Jul 2014



Do not waste your time in outside trainings. is THE BEST site, 

plenty of documents & manuals available from TD12 to TD14.10.

Download VMWARE setup from Developer exchange and try to replicate all the scenario's mentioned in the pdf's.


Read manuals and read articles available in dev exch (Carrie, Dieter, Shrity and many others) beautiful explanation on many concepts.


I dont think some trainer in an institute knows/teaches better than manuals or Google.


And moreover, I dont think, these kind of topics needs to be discussed in this forum.  
Instead, read pdf's and post your technical queries, doubts or issues.


All the Best & Happy reading.



Sravan Kumar Bodla

Ashoktera 12 posts Joined 03/14
19 Jul 2014

Hi Sravan you are true. I tried to explore same as mentinoed by you when I had need to learn teradata.
I am not so quick learner and my need was immediate to learn.  I couldn't spend much time in self learning and so couldn't get the concepts well.  (I was from Mainframe background required to work as a ETL tester on Teradata database).
I explored the trainers from the forums, youtube. Got the references quickly. Contacted few of them, took couple of demos and got Manohar is providing good traing.  I spent 30 hours in his traing and now i feel very confident in teradata as if it is my core technology. 
Dieter, Carrie, Shrity, Raja..etc all are experts giving solutions, suggestion for our real time problems. But i don't think we ask them any basic questions.  In my experience, after getting basic training on Teradata can explore all advanced concepts with self preparations and expert suggestions.
It is purely my experience which i would like to share.


surendra muvva 1 post Joined 08/14
07 Aug 2014

Hi Friends,
I finished my teradata training through offline from ameerpet one Institute and it is good.
Prior to that I attended online demo sessions from couple of candidates and I am giving
my feedback.
          Training is okay and if candidate has good knowledge about sql and other parts.
          Fresher and below 4 years of experienced people it is difficult to follow since he directly
          starts teradata complex concepts without basic fundas.
          He covers only teradata,that is also not full.
           Way of approach is different ,no project explanation and other sessions like
          Datawarehousing and Modelling fundas.
          He is not clear on some concepts when I attended his demos and observed recordings.
          Incase you want to know something in teradata then he is okay
          He is not at all good,first day demo half an hour on the 2nd day we need to pay fee.
Don't go by reading comments ,many trainers faking by posting more on them.
I read on manohar and rajesh like that and went but finally I felt not worthable to keep 3 years
with his teaching and less content.
Enquire well ,visit personally the situation and take decision.

UmaTeradata 1 post Joined 08/14
08 Aug 2014

Please let me know if you find any good training in HYD

31 Aug 2014

Hi, I am new to teradata and need to work on a teradata project soon.
Can any one help me a best way of learning quickly.


srik16 14 posts Joined 08/14
31 Aug 2014

Hello Satyanarayana,
I have completed my training from Manohar last month and it was excellent.
All my life i had been hardcore Oracle guy, I took up a new job and there we are using teradata. I was scared a lillle bit initially but after taking teradata course training in DEV and DBA, I became so comfortable and confident that now i can talk to people in the meeting like a real teradata pro.
As i got benifitted, I recommonded to my friends also. They are even new to ETL and BI. But they also appreiciated me for my referance. His teaching has some magic just goes in to mind like that. We never forget them again during practice.
I definetly recomond him if you are looking for teradata training. Better attend demo and some regular classes for before paying fee. ( He provides it if you connect him through Mean while you attend other demos also to find the suitability.
Best of luck.


01 Sep 2014

Thanks .   Let me also try.
Thanks again for valuable inputs.


srik16 14 posts Joined 08/14
01 Sep 2014

Also Satyanaryana, I forgot to write in my previous mail... I'm preparing for my Teradata Developer/DBA certification, again credit goes to Manohar for his excellent training and training material. Really worth taking TD training from him.


srikanth_k 2 posts Joined 09/14
03 Sep 2014

Don't believe these sunmanu comments,their own team writing /posting all the places.
That course is for only the people who have already goodknowledge.He covers only minimal
Simply explains the PPTs from Teradata material by opening,not realtime explanative,detailed
There are many institutions at hyd,blore,chennai offline,please look into that.
Many are posting on this online,do not believe.

04 Sep 2014

Sure Srikanth. will keep your suggestions in mind.

 I sent an email to . He responded back with his course curriculum and some sample videos in youtube (saw the feedbacks at the comment section. It seems good)-
 And mentioned that next batch starts in last week of Sept. Will check his real demos and see if it suites me.

 As i can't go of class room training in my busy schedule, looking for online course only for now. Thanks for the concern.


srik16 14 posts Joined 08/14
08 Sep 2014

Hello Satyanarayana,
I went thru Manohar's course and its really excellent and easy to understand... i'm a real example of that... I have absolutely no knowledge of Teradata, just started working on this, his training materials are excellent and he has lot of patience explaning any issues we come across. His case studies are also excellent.
Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns.


srikanth_k 2 posts Joined 09/14
13 Sep 2014

Hey boss,
Please stop praising and trying to grab students.
Let students take their own decision.
R u a student or market advertiser of Manohar?

Anitha_td14 1 post Joined 09/14
15 Sep 2014

Hello EveryOne,
Today my DBA sessions finished from manohar.
I read this blog and some othersites his name and joined on the basis of this.
Completely my decision is wrong,I fooled and cheated by Manohar in classes.
My feedback I am posting.
                        I learned two years back Teradata Development from MR.Vinay at 
                        ameerpet,Hyd.Later I got jon on that.Recent project requires DBA and
                        joined his sessions.Whatever Vinay covered as free DBA fundas the same
                        he explained with a charge of 20k.
                            When I learned that course (Development) that faculty said everyone
                             making fool by taking these basic free classes as Original DBA classes.
                             That statement I recollected today and it is definite.

18 Sep 2014

ok. let me check.
I see many feedback favour to Manohar with original profiles. I connected with them. Not sure who is favouring whome.
I'll take a cautious decision. and post my feedback after my course.
Thanks you very much every one for tremendous response on my quesiton. It really helps.


richa_rupa 1 post Joined 09/14
22 Sep 2014

Anitha ,You are right ,I am also a victim of Manohar
in the recent batch.Nothing he covered and simply closed the batch.He gave some conent ,for me
it was very difficult to understand.On a whole the
most embrassing and iritating thing is ASKING US
TO GIVE FEEDBACK ON FACEBOOK,LINKDN and Other Websites.Its even comedy too...
No interest to say more on this topic...

Ashoktera 12 posts Joined 03/14
27 Sep 2014

My experience was very good in his training. In demo it self, he mentioned that the topics of mult user environment related (DBA topics) would be explained through real time snapshots. And it was good and simple explanation to understand it better. All other topics were shown with hands on.   
Actually by seeing the real profile feedbacks in facebook and you tube i have taken demo and joined classes.  They doesn't seem forceful feedback.  I also has given at end of my training. And my friends also happy when i referred to them.
And i appreciate Satyanarayana above for his cautious movement in choosing the training. I recommond to keep Manohar also in your list of evaluations and yes please provide your experience too if you undergo training from any one.   Best of luck !!


srik16 14 posts Joined 08/14
27 Sep 2014

I was only student of Manohar...and i have given my expreince.
As i got benefited from him like many other studnets, wanted this to heppen to some more people. I doubt on your profile and all other targeting Manohar.
when i told Manohar about this negative publicity in forum, he told not to respond here. As he believed only on his students. Not on these type of tricks.
But still as i got very good benefit(Acutally i able to survive in my current job becuase of this training and suggestion given in forum experts), I would like to give a last posting on this topic.
My sincere suggestion to any teradata aspirant is to consider his demo and take your own decision.
see the accurate feedback from correct profiles in the posting section of this video -
and his facebook page
For more accuracy, can login and see his linkdin profile by searching with "linkdin Manohar Teradata trainer" and the recommondations.
The words coming from the heart of the students. These kind of feedback can't be given if any one force for it. i also has given here. 
Please don't confuse any student with wrong details. let them take their own decision



dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
28 Sep 2014

What I consider strange about Manohar (and some other similar guys):
- Most of the "Manohar's the best" post are from members with didn't post anything else. They register, submit one post and that's it. Is he so great that you never need to ask again?
- Many post (most of them were deleted by DevEx admins) are worded almost the same and multiple post from different users arrived within a few hours.
- Why is Manohar not a member of DevEx and answers questions here? This would be the best way to build confidence and reputation.


sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
28 Sep 2014

Hi Dieter,
Exactly, I asked the same question to Manohar when i had connected with him for DBA training.  He said that his login was revoked by the admin some how (That's what he said).
I think a lot of discussions had happend on this traings topic so far and every one got the required information. So good we can stop postings on this thread.
As per my expreience on these trainings, No one is as good as the experts answering questions in this fourm.
However these training helpful for them who need to learn the basics of Teradata. Vinay in Hyderabad gives good class room training and Manohar only provids online trainings.  Both are good in teaching of basics.  As per the convenience, can choose any one of them.
But yes please be careful before taking the course from any one. Get your own experience by attending some sample classes.  Different people get different experienc. Any way you have to explore the things your own later in the forums and other teradata materials.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
28 Sep 2014

Logins are only revoked when a user spams.
Nobody prevents him from using a different email to register again and then aswering questions instead of simply promoting himself.


okwei 1 post Joined 10/14
02 Oct 2014

conflicking comments

krigu543 3 posts Joined 10/14
11 Oct 2014

copyFile(C:\Program Files\Teradata\PDE\\bin\PSAPI.DLL,C:\Program Files\Teradata\Tdat\TDBMS\\bin\PSAPI.DLL) failed-The process cannot access the file because it is beeing used by another process.
while instaling teradata in windows Xp I am facing the above issue .... please post the solution any one faced the same issue ....

krigu543 3 posts Joined 10/14
11 Oct 2014

Getting an issue to identify the locations for the following tables
Falloback table location , 
2) Permanent Journals Location in teradata  like 
Transient journal located  in  dbc.Transientjournals    

Akhil 1 post Joined 11/14
18 Nov 2014

Hello Dev,
Contact TalentSprint for best software traning Center In Hyderabad.

mailmeakshay5 4 posts Joined 11/14
20 Nov 2014

I got deployed in teradata project recently. And I am very much new to Teradata. Looking for training which i can efford and quickly survive in my project. I researched many of the forums / websites and bit confused to select one.  Expecting a authentic and genuine training to help me quick.


21 Nov 2014

Hi Akshay, I was also in same situation when i moved to Teradata project. I did my research and asked in forums (you may see my post in the same page 2 monts ago).  The experts here have given very valuable suggestinos, their experiences and cautions.
I also evaluated myself many websites, training demos.  My summary would be -
If you are in Hyderabad, better connect in Ameerpet for class room trainigs in vinay tech. it would complete in 30 days.  
If it is not possible then take online classes from Manohar (  I evaluated him through previous student profiles in his facebook page,and inkdin
see a sample video here and comments section of it -
I took some live sessions too from him before joining.  Hope you can also do the same and post your experience that would help others.
I would like to thank every one who responded to my question and keeping me stright in taking a good decision. I'm very happy with the help of all the members here.


anilraju 8 posts Joined 01/15
27 Jan 2015

Hello Friends,
I have asked int this forum and discussed with many in the Online and Offline market,
finally I joined in Vinay Institite hyderabad.
Thanks to everyone for thier valuable share.




mentorsinn 1 post Joined 04/15
01 Apr 2015

To all
we are provide teradata cerfication online training in hyderabad,
Mentors Inn online training institute will provide the online trainings by certified professionals .



Contact us:+91-8897755222



04 Apr 2015

All software online trainings for Low price/Cost/Fees with high quality
RVH Technologies is a Brand of Online trainings… Honest,Dedication,Hard work..Is the secret of success for our Institute…. Believe us ,Join Us..We will make You Experts…. We will provide all the DataWarehousing Modules(Cognos, Cognos TM1,Informatica,Abinitio,Datastage ,QTP (Manual and Automation Testing)) ,Java,.Net and Teradata DBA,Teradata dev,all the Sap modules. All the courses are conducted in the latest versions. We will Provide based on the User Requirement (This May be Full fledged Couse,Some Modules of the course based on the User Need) Please Request for a FREE DEMO,Check the Out the standards, Then Choose the best Training Center. We are 100% sure ,you will reach to us after the demo class………
Please check out the complete course list in our official website. Reach out to us for a free demo class Contact: +91 8790137293 Additional Features: If you come up with one more referral,You will get the discount of 20%, If it is two referrals will get discount of 30% And more than that you will get 40% discount.

asitbangalore 1 post Joined 04/15
07 Apr 2015

Hi .... I am new to this site can any one suggest me best java training institute in bangalore. Thanks in advance.

avilaks 3 posts Joined 04/15
24 Apr 2015

Hi Everyone,
With respect to Teradata Training , i will recommend you to go with Manohar and you can contact him via email @
I have completed the Teradata DBA and Developer and now planning to take my Teradata Certification next month. He is helping out a lot and is accessible for our queries even after the completion of the course.

proman 2 posts Joined 04/13
29 Apr 2015

Hi All,
I attended Teradata DEV/DBA training ,Manohar is well experienced and gave his best in teaching Teradata .I recommend any one who is  interested in getting trained in Teradata to  contact Manohar @

anilraju 8 posts Joined 01/15
30 Apr 2015

Dear Friends,
Please don't misguide the people by giving email ids ,names and all.
I guess ,the previous three posts done by the internal team of Manohar.
Respected Manohar,
Don't let them post like this,if people really fond of subject and looking seriously definitely
they will come to know,where has reach.
I don't want to comment on Manohar or others,but this way of  posting complete blog/site
(Good site for beginners and experienced) is not at all good.
Request to all:
If anybody found good institutions/trainers  please specify the list of names and addresses(if possible contact nos).Don't advertise here and don't corrupt this website.

01 May 2015

Do not go for Manohar, and if you go then do not pay him without asking his PAN card copy. I wasted my time and money, as he keeps repeating basic SQL stuff and you will not learn teradata much. Secondly he'll not provide any recorded videos to his students, which every other online trainer provides.

03 May 2015

I wish I would have seen comments from Dieter above and saved my money and time. He made a good point by saying :
- Most of the "Manohar's the best" post are from members with didn't post anything else. They register, submit one post and that's it. Is he so great that you never need to ask again?
- Many post (most of them were deleted by DevEx admins) are worded almost the same and multiple post from different users arrived within a few hours.
- Why is Manohar not a member of DevEx and answers questions here? This would be the best way to build confidence and reputation.
Do not go for Manohar, and save your time and money.

rajandev 1 post Joined 06/15
06 Jun 2015

Thank you for your comments, Initially read many comments posted on this website and
finally I took offline weekend training by Mr.Vinay at Hyderabad after attending two class room demos ,he took around 2 and half months and gave worthwhile subject.Reently got selected to one MNC at bangalore.
Guys attend multiple demos ,have your own perception and join whereever you join.

anilraju 8 posts Joined 01/15
06 Jun 2015

Dear Teradata Aspirators,
Finally joined at Vinaytech,hyderabad offline class and done well.
Recently my class selected for MNC Bangalore,I hope I will be getting soon.
I am not sure those offer online sessions,just enquire them (9493228290).
I also suggest ,attend demos and if you are comfort at most then only goahead otherwise
try someother.

nishikanth 1 post Joined 07/15
29 Jul 2015

Hello guys
i want to learn teradata. My question is what are the prerequisite courses that are to learnt to better understand teradata. please help me...i'm new to this and i dont have any knowledge on any of the CS subjects.
thank you

Sunilteradata 1 post Joined 01/16
02 Jan 2016

I need to work on a Teradata project next month. Can anyone suggest the best way of learning Teradata quick.

With thanks,
sunil V

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
02 Jan 2016

Better you know basics of  RDBMS,  SQL, Datawarehouse concepts and ETL concepts to understand teradata.  Unix or Mainframe basic underatnading  also important 

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
02 Jan 2016

Sunil, for you my suggestion would be download the teradata VM ware versions and practice the SQLS along with OLAP and the utilities. If you don't have much time to do self exploration, better go with any available trainings, WBTs.
If you are in Hyderabad, can attend class room trainings sucha as Vinay house, Ameerpet,  or can take up online training with Manohar ( All the best. Either the way attend demos among different trainers and check for your suitability.  .

gymprathap 1 post Joined 02/16
05 Feb 2016

what is the prerequistes to leran teradata please?
I know core Java ver well.

24 Mar 2016

To your question gymprathap, understanding of Java may not help much with Teradata directly. Although knowing any programming language helps you understand the logical parts easily, the next thing you would need to know is about storage of data and its retrieval. Knowing SQL would have helped, if you have used that as well in your Java programs (SQL Server, MySQL).

I had heard sometime back about a guy who used to give free online training on teradata but his batches fill up fast, which I believe is obvious for a free training. If you want, you can enquire with him at

I personally have no idea on his trainings though, but just thought to put this info out if someone wants to try.

merohin27 1 post Joined 01/15
30 Jul 2016

Please inbox me ..I will share the details and some meterial I have..

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