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Any One Want to learn Teradata through online efficiently Topic by sanidhya 24 Aug 2014 teradata, online, training

Hi All,
Anybody wants to learn total each and every topic about Teradata with real time pojects please comment here i will guid you
thank you

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Immediat TERADATA Online training available...,Interested people drop a mail Topic by navench 15 Feb 2012 teradata training, teradata online training, online teradata training

Hi..this is Naveen Kumar.., working in TERADATA technology from the past 4 plus years of one of the reputed organization and many of my trainers are settled in very good positions in India and Abroad as well (for your reference if you want I will provide their contact numbers & mail id's also) and i am the person providing you very good training with explaining all the concepts by comparing to real time work and showing the real time environment how it is.

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Need help to find out Teradata certification material Topic by amrutadeshpande1983 23 Jun 2010

Hi All,

I tried a lot but could not find anything related to teradata certification material.
Please can someone help me with this.Please let me know where can I get this material or if somebody has that please provide it to me.
Thanks a lot.

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Any best Training Centres you guys know in Hyderabad?? Topic by TD DEV 11 Jan 2010

Hi guys, I am trying to find out the best online training centre in Hyderabad for Teradata. Don't have any clue about the training centres over there. I am working in NYC in Teradata and would like a best possible way to learn and give all the Teradata certifications this year. Hope you guys can help me suggesting the best traning center for this.Thanks much in advance.

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Teradata 14 basics certification information Topic by rakesh0734 17 Aug 2014 Basic Certification

Hi Experts,
I am presently in the process of preparing for "TE0-141 Teradata 14 Basics" certification exam i could able to get the content for the certification from Teradata portal ,below is the detaield content.
 Data Warehouse Architectures

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Script with the variable CURR_DATE Topic by ericm 01 Jul 2016

I am new to TeraData and Data Warehouses.
I have a stored procedure that utilizes the following code:

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TE0-142 Study Help Topic by agnit.chatterjee1988 19 May 2016 TE0-142, # teradata certification

I am mostly done with all the topics required for the TE0-142 exam except the "SQL Optimization Concepts" part.
Can anyone please provide me some links from where I can get the required details?
Thanks in advance.

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Teradata guide by Tera Tom Topic by Santanu84 16 Mar 2016 # teradata certification

Hi Guys


Does anybody have the online book or pdf of "Tera Tom V14 Certification Teradata SQL" ?

Please do let me know your response.


Thanking You


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Teradata Training - Bangalore Topic by BalajiG 29 Apr 2007

Hi Any training centers in Bangalore for Teradata DBA?ThanksBalaji

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teradata DBA training Topic by panic 15 Jun 2007

Hello All,Im a teradata Dev ..Lookin for Teradata DBA .. Does anyone know where I can find Training materials or classes for the same..Ur help would be appreciated

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ORACLE SOA 11G ONLINE TRAINING Topic by online training 16 Feb 2016


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BEST SAP BPC ONLINE TRAINING Topic by prasanna131313 16 Feb 2016 sap bpc online training

Biginfosys Services Provide SAP BPC Online Training resources to help individuals and teams. We trouble shoot your problems while you are working and we address your questions during the Online SAP BPC Training even after the course completion. You will be 100% Satisfied because we provide best quality real time Online Training.

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Please Contact for TD developer Training or backup Job support on Teradata/Informatica Topic by venkylingutla 14 Feb 2016 #database #teradata

Any working professionals from USA Please contact me at for more details !!

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Help on Teradata real time scenario interview questions Topic by chava70 09 Dec 2014

Iam new to Teradata and looking for job as Teradata Developer, can some one help me on where can i get the real time scenario interview questions on Teradata.
Thank you in advance.

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Teradata DBA Traninig in Hyderabad? Topic by baba 15 Sep 2007

Hi Friends,Any institute in hyderabad, offering the teradata DBA training?cheersBaba

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Best Abinitio Online Training by Top IT Industry Experts from Hyderabad,India Topic by maryjacks 23 Sep 2015 Best Abinitio Online Training

Smart Mind Online Training is one altogether the leading IT work Institutions, established in Hyderabad with the target of providing Training services for various requirements in IT business.

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Online SAP BO Training Topic by tinnysuki 23 Sep 2015 sap bo online training

BIG INFOSYS is established to provide best SAP BO Online Training. We have highly experienced faculty for SAP BO they are covered each and every topic related to SAP BO. Our trainers will teach from basic level to advanced level with real time projects. After completion of your course we will help you to clear your interviews and also assist you to get certified on SAP BO.

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BEST OBIEE Online Training Topic by nandhana06 23 Sep 2015 obiee, online, training

TEKSON IT SERVIECES provides OBIEE Online Training Class course by excellent experienced IT professionals who has more then 10+ Years of real time experience. Our trainer has good training experience in OBIEE so that best quality output will be delivered. All our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete your course as per the schedule given.

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ABINITIO ONLINE TRAINING COURSE by IT Professionals Topic by sudheer1414 29 Nov 2013

Ab Initio means Starts From the Beginning. Ab-Initio application works with the client-server model.The client is called Graphical Development Surroundings (you can call it GDE). It resides on user desktop.The server or back-end is called Co-Operating Technique . The Co-Operating Technique can reside in a mainframe or unix remote machine.

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Help me Topic by taraknatha 28 Aug 2015

Hi every one, 
i am new to teradata give me some  basic instructions and guuidence of best online Training for teradata developer 

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Terdata Certification in India Topic by kamaleshwaran85 18 Dec 2013 certification

Has anyone completed Teradata certification in India ?
The prometric website doesnt show any test location in India? If I am looking at the wrong link, can you please direct me to the correct one...

Thanks in Advance...

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BEST SAP BPC Online Training Topic by saila06 10 Aug 2015

BIGINFOSYS SERVICES provides SAP BPC Online Training. We have the most effective, extremely skilled & good professionals in market and additionally certified in their subjects and have gained experience with years of expertise in package coaching field.

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Regarding Certification Exams - Pass % Topic by Raom 28 Sep 2006

Hi, This question may have been asked by many people before. Recently I passed the basics test. Planning to take the other ones. My question is regarding what is the percentage of questions that need to be correct. I think in the basics test, It is 75%. Is it the same for other tests.?Thanks

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TEO 141 Topic by yrstruly 08 Jul 2015 teo141 basic certification

Anybody on here who passed TEO 141 or can help me in any way passing it?
I have all the study material and also purchased the app which did absolute nothing for me in passin the exam. Took the exam twice and failed it both times.

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I want to learn Teradata through Online Topic by sanidhya 16 Aug 2014 teradata, online, training

Hi Friendzzz.

This is Sanidhya,

I am from NY, I wanna learn Teradata Course through Online, So Please Suggest me which is the best Online Institute for

Teradata Course?????

Please Suggest me,
Thank You

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