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SchemaLoader results? Views via EF to EDMX? Topic by imgregduh 25 Aug 2016 schemaloader, EF, views

Is there a way to get the SchemaLoader results?
The cmd prompt it opens closes immediately and I cant seem to pause it to read what it output. 
I cant tell what went wrong or what went right.
Also if there is an alternative way to get the views into the EDMX please let me know.

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Zero records are fetching when using where statement in TPT Topic by venkata_k01 15 Jul 2016

 I am giving the below select statement in job variable file but eventhough there are around 2K records present in the source table, when i am doing the data copy from source to target table using tdload , its not fetching any records.
 SelectStmt='SELECT * FROM SOURCEDB.SOURCETABLE WHERE ROW_EFF_DT >= ''2016-07-10'' AND ROW_EFF_DT <=''2016-07-12'''

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Easyloader Schema Error 15.10 Only Topic by toadrw 22 Aug 2016 Easyloader, 15.10, tpt tdload


We're receiving the following error on 15.10 whcih we were not receiving on 15.00.  Could you please help?  Here's our TD Load command line:


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How can I load files into TD tables using .NET (C#) Topic by sharonn 24 Aug 2016 bulk copy, Bulk Insert, c#, .net

I'm writing a program that connects to TD.
During execution i'm creating a class structure that i need to move to TD DB.
In .net i can use Bulk Copy or write the data into text files and then use Bulk Insert.
Is there an easy direct way of doing that in TD (like bulk copy or bulk insert)?

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TPT, how to output columns enclosed in quotes? Topic by aaibinder 23 Aug 2016

So, I'd like a database that's pulling in a file that looks like this:
Right now I have this...
blah blah, 123, bleh bleh
I want...
"blah blah", "123", "bleh bleh"
Right now I'm using this:

/* 235 */      ATTRIBUTES

/* 236 */      (

/* 237 */         FileName = 'sales_detail_fact.txt', 

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TPT Script, Only Pull Entries Within Last 6 Months? Topic by aaibinder 22 Aug 2016

So my original query in Sqoop was included the condition
I've been trying to put this into my TPT script, inside the SelectStmt attribute.
This is my first time using TPT, and first 2 weeks using Teradata, so please forgive if I'm asking a stupid question...
My current Select statement is...

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Easy Loader Error - 2 Teradata Systems Topic by dlcook 22 Aug 2016

I'm following (somewhat) the example on , but I'm running into an error I've not seen before:

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Error Running Teradata to hadoop script "PTS00031" Topic by 22 Aug 2016

cmd: tbuild -f PTS00031 -v jobvars.txt -j PTS00031
Teradata Parallel Transporter Version 64-Bit
Job log: /opt/teradata/client/15.10/tbuild/logs/PTS00031-57.out
Job id is PTS00031-57, running on
Found CheckPoint file: /opt/teradata/client/15.10/tbuild/checkpoint/PTS00031LVCP

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Understanding teradata sample scripts Topic by 13 Aug 2016

Hi Guys,
I'm new to Terdata so trying to understand the sample/qstart programs in the Teradata dir. I was looking into the qstart1, and didn't understand where definition of the OPERATOR "$FILE_WRITER" or "$LOAD" was.
Can some one please help me with that.

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Using Rank Numbers are getting Skipped in Teradata 13.10 Topic by karan2353 09 Apr 2016 rank, dense_rank, # teradata
Select Region,Store,Sales,
   Rank()over(partition by Region Order by sales desc) as SalesRank 
from SalesTable 
Qualify SalesRank>=4

Region	Store	Sales	SalesRank
2	821	82224	1
2	615	5323	2
2	143	5323	2
2	242	4123	4

Desired Output	
Region	Store	Sales	SalesRank
2	821	82224	1
2	615	5323	2
2	143	5323	2
2	242	4123	3
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Teradata Tool and Utilities package for Linux Topic by indra91 14 Jul 2016

I wanted to install Teradata Tool and Utilities for Red-Hat Linux from the teradata site
Although I could find the binary for Teradata Tools and Utilites-Windows Installation Package but I could not find similar package for Linux system.

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Unicode Export through TPT Topic by srivigneshkn 19 Aug 2016 unicode, tpt, utf8, TPT Error, export, unicode export



I need to export few chinese and japanese characters stored in teradata to a file.


I have tried different options to export data through TPT but i am either not able to see the unicode characters in the generated file or i face the conflicting data length error.


Please find the details below.


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TPT export into AWS S3 buckets. Topic by srivigneshkn 02 Aug 2016 AWS, s3, tpt, export

I am using TPT to export data to a file and move into S3 buckets., am curious to know if there is a way to export data and write directly into AWS S3 buckets.
Thanks & Regards,
Srivignesh KN

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Month days !!! Topic by RevathiS 18 Aug 2016

Could any one explain this code logic,
and provide me alternate code in tera data...

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SQL Assistant Change Password Topic by JustMe 22 Aug 2013 sql assistant, password

Is there any particular reason that a user's 'Change Password' option would be grayed out in SQL Assistant -> Tools ?

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CLI error" MTDP: EM_GSSINITFAIL<235>:... When logging on BTEQ in remote server Topic by ericawang0829 18 Aug 2016

Hi all,
I'm trying to use BTEQ Utility inside a remote server. What I did was to install TTU 15.10.05 Windows in my local machine first and then copied the installed folder into the remote server since I can't install or download any packages there. 
Here is the error message:
.logon XXX/dbc

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Getting export results in same date format as in Teradata table using BTEQ Topic by prateek.bansal07 17 Aug 2016 #BTEQ

I am fairly new to Teradata. I have been struggling to get exact format for all the dates in my select query when doing an export using BTEQ. 
Here is my script :

/opt/teradata/client/15.10/bin/bteq <<EOI

.LOGON hostname/username,password;

.EXPORT REPORT  FILE = sample_table.csv



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SQL Assistant v.15.00 Keyboard Shortcut problems - Comment Topic by PeterSchwennesen 20 Aug 2014 SQL Assistant 15.00 TTU

I just installed the new TTU 15.00 SQL Assistant, but I having problems with the keyboard shortcuts. In previous versions the (CTRL + D) turned text to and from comments. If no text selected then the line with the curser was transformed to/from single line comment with “--“, if block of text was selected then it was transformed to/from comment block with “/*   */”.

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Casting Date in Bteq utilities Topic by krishna1985 08 Aug 2016

Hi Team,
I am new to Teradata  and I have a requirement to load the data FROM EXCEL using BTEQ UTILITIY. However as far as I know we cannot load data from excel but can load in CSV format.
requirement is as below
I have to load the set of records and below is the source data ie CSV
ID                DATE
234567        01AUG2016 5:57:51

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Fatal Error with TD TPT API Topic by mitsukiefi 15 Aug 2016 #TPT

Dear All
Our reporting tool generates the following SQL query to be executed on TD 15.10:

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TPT - Instances Vs Sessions Topic by chill3che 30 Jul 2013 tpt, instances, sessions

Greetings Experts,

What is the basic difference between the instances and sessions in TPT.

If I declare a Maxsessions attribute for a operator to be 10 over a 10 AMP system, and the consumer operator uses all 10 sessions (as producer is able to keep the consumer busy)

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SSIS Error: The Teradata TPT registry key cannot be opened. Topic by Conrail 15 Mar 2016 ssis, teradata, TPT registry Key

I have a SQLSERVER 2012 database running on a Windows Server 2012 platform.   I have installed the Microsift Connector for Attunity Version 2.0 and in SSIS I now have Teradata Source and Destination tools available.  I have created a connector to the database and table I which to use in my SSIS package.  The connector works and it allows me to preview the data just fine.

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ARCMAIN Topic by BRIANH 10 Aug 2016 beh

I have attempted several times to run some ARCMAIN tests under Windows 10 via a batch job and have failed. The .BAT file is this :    ARCMAIN CHECKPOINT=50 OUTLOG=ARCALL.OUT <ARCTABLE.TXT.
I initially omitted the logon stmt. in my first run. I received error *** failure ARC0202:ARCHIVE was not expected ***
 I then added it as shown below.

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TPT Wizard 64-Bit: error occurred while accessing the log Topic by N_Raghu 07 Jul 2016 TPT wizard error occurred while accessing the log

I have installed TD15.10 and using TPT wizard 15.10 to load a file to teradata table. Everything works fine and the job loads the table correctly except that the error messages popping up saying "ERROR ACCESSING LOG : AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE ACCESSING THE LOG". I have checked the log and the log file is out there and I have access the log file using tlogview command and it is working fine.

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TPT with JDBC to Kafka Topic by skunkwerk 02 Aug 2016

I can get TPT working from the Teradata Utilities on Linux, but I have to write this massive script to specify each column name and data type.
I'm trying to get it working from Kafka's JDBC connector, so I can just tell it to pull in data from a table incrementally.

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