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Miao Fan 1 post Joined 01/07
22 Mar 2008
Where I can find the install download for Teradata Tools and Utilities (urgent!)

We have an urgent case which need to use Teradata FastLoad utility. I assume we need to install Teradata Tools and Utilities. Could anyone tell me where I can find the download for it?Thanks,Miao

frnewbrough 41 posts Joined 03/08
25 Mar 2008

Are you a Teradata employee or customer? You might want to check here: have an internal link but I don't think it works unless you are logged into VPN.

Ten98 6 posts Joined 02/10
05 Oct 2010

Do they only make this utility available on request? we use a Teradata Data Warehouse but I can't find the fastload installer package anywhere???

markhay 10 posts Joined 06/10
06 Oct 2010

The Teradata load utilities are not available for download. They are delivered on CDs to customers. Contact your Teradata Account Manager and he can expedite a shipment.

The software available for download from the Teradata-At-Your-Service website are the patched versions of products. Not all products are patched.

The best practice is to install the product from the CD and then go to the Teradata-At-Your-Service website to access the Teradata patch server and download the latest patched version of the product (if a patched version exists).

heidiiwee 1 post Joined 05/11
12 May 2011

what if i am using the trial version? will they send me the CDs as well?

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
13 May 2011

The Teradata Express Edition for VMWare contains the regular set of Teradata utilites pre-installed in the VM image.

Jensonw 1 post Joined 10/11
11 Aug 2012

yeah,that's right. We can found it in the VMWare Teradata Express Edidtion.

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