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Sandi 12 posts Joined 10/05
29 Jul 2007
Varchar in Fast Export

Hi , when i use fast export utility for unloading records from a column having data type "varchar" i am getting two dots (Junk characters) infront of each record. I don't want to cast this field to CHAR. Could anyone please help me to resolve this issue? Thanks and RegardsSandi

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
30 Jul 2007

They are not "junk characters", they are the two-byte binary length field that is part of the external format for VARCHAR data (and apparently whatever you are using to view the data translates "non-printable" bytes to "dots").Options:1) Cast to CHAR (though you already said you don't want to do that)2) Use an OUTMOD or AXSMOD to process the data record after it is returned to the client but before it is written to the output file3) Use some other program or OS utility to process the data records after FastExport writes them to the file4) Don't use FastExport (e.g. write your own program; you could perhaps use BTEQ "EXPORT REPORT" but that in effect casts to CHAR plus adds other formatting) 5) Live with the length field in the data and change the application that reads the fileNote that options 2 and 3 aren't very useful unless you have a single length field always located at the same offset in every record (typically at the beginning), or perhaps if every field in the output record has a length.

bdhervillez 1 post Joined 10/09
07 Oct 2009

Hi,I've the same problem and the same constraint, I can't cast in char.I've checked on various forums, and the conclusion are the same as you told.I've a huge constraint of space on my file server. The size of one file can be greater than 50 Go and the total size is about 350 Go.The solution of an other utility doesn't seems to be very good because I "duplicate" each file. It cost me about 700Go.So the solution of making a OUTMOD seems to be better, but I don't know how to develop it.Can any body help me?

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