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Greyghost 51 posts Joined 07/09
20 May 2010
V12 TTU Install confusion


I am dealing with a very stragnge situation that I hope someone can explain. We recently upgraded to a V12 Teradata machine at our client site. We are now trying to install the V12 TTU on everyone's desktop.

The background here is that the Admin rights to desktops has been removed, and we have to ask permission desk by desk to get admin rights to install the TTU Utilities. It is very time-consuming.

Anyway, we are having situations where the Teradata ODBC drivers are not installing on some of the desktop. All the other software does, but not the ODBC drivers. Most of the desktops are running Windows XP.

Does anyone have any idea why the ODBC drivers would not install?



Greyghost 51 posts Joined 07/09
20 May 2010

As an add-on to this question.....more background information. The client site has not done a good job keeping up with Windows upgrades.

What is the low-end of Windows/products (Access, etc) that will successfully work with the V12 TTU? The version of MS Access must be no lower than ??? The Windows OS must be no lower than???

I believe the old Teradata ODBC drivers that were/are installed are anywhere from V3 to V7. After the node upgrade, these old drivers were not performing properly against the new system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


ajaytyagis 1 post Joined 10/10
06 Oct 2010

Hello Friend,

It has been long time since you posted this problem, I too faced this and resolved it, thought of posting here as it might be helpful to others,

Remove your installation of previous versions from Add/Remove programes
Remove shared ICU libraries from Add/Remove programes.
Go on to Start ->Run->Regedit
Install new version, it will work any issues post here.

Ajay Tyagi

Darrick S 6 posts Joined 10/09
08 Oct 2010


Ajay's is recommendation is correct.

1. Uninstall all older versions of TTU products prior to installation
2. If you are a Teradata Customer and are on Subscription, you can obtain a TTU uninstall script from the GSC


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