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kishu 26 posts Joined 03/08
21 Jul 2008
Using environment variable in mload script

Hi,How to use environment variable declare in .profile file in mload script.Please help me to get through this.Plaese let me know the syntax for it and how to us it.

j355ga 100 posts Joined 12/05
21 Jul 2008

You are trying to use Unix variables in a Teradata utility.To accomplish this you have to interpret the script through the ksh. For example:mload<<eof.logtable $MYLOGTABLE;.logon $MYTDP/$MYID,$MYPASSWORD;....eof


RobertDiehl 7 posts Joined 05/10
20 May 2010

In MLOAD you can use the .ACCEPT command


Bob Diehl

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
21 May 2010

Linux 'sed' command can be an alternative too.




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