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Dana 1 post Joined 01/06
19 Jan 2006
Update with subquery

Is there a way using Teradata to update like in Oracle:update GAM_EVset hh_id = (select b.hh_id from GAM_EV aleft outer join use_0511 bon a.arng_id = b.arng_idleft outer join ffw_0511 con b.hh_id = c.hh_idwhere ind_flag EQ 1 )where arng_id = a.arng_idAny insights are appreciated as I'm new to Teradata.

TD_Arch 35 posts Joined 07/05
20 Jan 2006

Hi, The following is the equilavent Teradata query :Update GAM_EV from (Select b.hh_idFrom GAM_EV aLeft Outer Joinuse_0511 b On a.arng_id = b.arng_idLeft Outer Joinffw_0511 c On b.hh_id = c.hh_idWhere ind_flag EQ 1 ) ASet hh_id = A.hh_idWhere GAM_EV.arng_id = a.arng_id

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