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PriyaVenkatesh 1 post Joined 08/11
02 Aug 2011
Unix C Teradata application dumping core

Hello All,

We have a Unix C application that connects to Teradata as backend. We are currently migrating from HP-UX to AIX. The exe which is working fine in HP-UX, is dumping core in AIX.

We have re-compiled the code in AIX successfully. We are getting the following error when we try to run the executable -

The 32 bit executable needs to be re-compiled as 64 bits. The exe compiled successfully, but it is dumping core when trying to login to Teradata -

IFMXcomm[21] = 14
IFMXcomm[22] = 9
Before Proc OpenDB 0 1311723748 41
In open Teradata DB
Teradata system: qa
Logon str: DB_NAME/UID,PWD
Illegal instruction(coredump)

It failed at EXEC SQL LOGON :logon_str; in mq.pp2.

This has now become a showstopper. Any help is highly appreciated.

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