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JimGardner 1 post Joined 01/14
09 Jan 2014
Unable to update a row that contains a blank/null value in an indexed column.

I have a table with a primary index made up of two columns, let's say colA and colB.  It is possible for colA to have blank/null values, colB is always populated.  Using mload, when I execute the upsert step of the tpt script, the records with a non-blank value in both colA and colB are updated successfully.  The records with a blank in colA are treated as an insert and are duplicated on my table.  In this case, the records already exist in the table and I am trying to apply updates.
I defined the table as SET since it is not supposed to allow duplicates.  The source is a staging table which I first populate from a flat file.  I am new to Teradata so it is possible I don't have this set up correctly, but I have run out of ideas.  Has anyone encountered this problem also?  If I have not provided enough information, please let me know.
Thank you,

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