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06 Sep 2007
Unable to fastload byte data from a data file with ascii text properly

I am having trouble fastloading data from an ascii text file into a table with column with data type BYTE. The data loaded is different from what I want.The data in the text file has two recordsSource data===========AAFFData loaded to table====================4146The script I am using is given below/**********************BEGIN FLOAD SCRIPT***********************/sessions 2;.logon houston/xyz,abc;DROP TABLE BYTE_TAB_ERR1;DROP TABLE BYTE_TAB_ERR2;DROP TABLE BYTE_TAB;CREATE TABLE BYTE_TAB(col_byte BYTE(1));SET RECORD VARTEXT ;DEFINE col_byte (VARBYTE(10)) FILE=dat2.txt;BEGIN LOADING BYTE_TAB ERRORFILES BYTE_TAB_ERR1, BYTE_TAB_ERR2;INSERT INTO BYTE_TAB(:col_byte);END LOADING;/**********************END OF FLOAD SCRIPT***********************/Has someone got any ideas on how I can resolve this?

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