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seabull 4 posts Joined 01/10
11 Nov 2015
TTU (linux) silent installation or chef recipe

Does anyone know whether it is possible to install TTU silently (non-interactive) on Linux? Or, has anyone created a chef recipe for it? Thanks.

Tuen 44 posts Joined 07/05
12 Nov 2015

The newer versions of the TTU for Linux are supposed to allow for silent install, however, for our shop I built a wrapper script to allow for passing the variables to the install in order to ensure a silent install.  This was required in previous versions so we could use automated software rollout which couldn't have any manual interaction.   We still use this method since it can be applied the same way to any version Linux version of TTU.   The uninstall still does not support silent mode that I am aware of (which is another issue we had to work around).
here is a code snippet that i used in my wrapper (the wrapper does a lot more but that is really dependent on what you want to happen prior to install)
(sleep 1; echo a)  | ./setup.bat
This will issue a pause of 1 second, then echo the letter 'a' which in the menu is the install everything but TDWallet.  That is piped to the ./setup.bat file.
my wrapper script will generally check for previous versions and uninstall them using the same sort of method.  It will also check and remove any version already installed so in the event i'm replacing the current version with a new patch release of the same version it will uninstall the older version and install the newer patch version.

seabull 4 posts Joined 01/10
12 Nov 2015

Awesome. Thanks for the tip. @Tuen

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