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01 Oct 2014

Hi All,
Can anybody guide me regarding Teradata system emulation tool. Is it allowed to change number of nodes, PEs, Amps using TSET.
Thanks in advance :)

frnewbrough 41 posts Joined 03/08
01 Oct 2014

Have you looked at the user guide?

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
01 Oct 2014

I dont think you can do that  thru TSET :)

TSET is used to emulate impact of changes in SQL or to validate Optimizer. TSET works with TVE too to emulate the target system.You export emulation info and then import it to a test system by way of query,DB,workload. At the import you can edit Stats,RAS, Cost params, DBS control settings, cost profiles.

Raja K Thaw
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03 Oct 2014

Thanks for your reply :)

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