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08 Jun 2006
transpose data

Is it possible in teradata sql to transpose a row of data into a single field?i.e.row value1 A2 B3 C4 D5 EInto an output field…ValueA,B,C,D,E The number of possible rows is not fixed. It can be 1 or more.

DGiabbai 47 posts Joined 07/04
11 Jun 2006

Look at how to pivot a table (in your case, rows to columns) in the answer from Dieter at:

Venkatesh_gubba 5 posts Joined 11/10
30 Nov 2010


when i clicked, the above link is not displaying any message...

can you guys please post the answer for me.


rluebke 65 posts Joined 11/05
13 Dec 2010

We do that all the time with a WITH RECURSIVE query. The TD docs have a couple of pretty good examples.


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