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mutator 4 posts Joined 10/07
27 Jun 2008
Transformations in TPT

Can any one give an example of how to do a transformation in TPT. e.g The source table has three columns ColA, ColB and ColC (all three are strings) whereas the destination table has two DestCol1 and DestCol2 (also strings). Where DestCol2 is ColB + ColC. How would you actually do this using TPT.Thanks

vincent91 14 posts Joined 02/10
16 Feb 2012

Hi mutador,


I'm looking for the same thing.

There are no example on TPT's typical use.


Is there someone who can give us an example which illustrate the use of TPT in a typical project ? Producer, Consomer and transform data.


I've found an very interesting explanation and example on TPT with this website but you have to pay for that :



feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
16 Feb 2012

Please look at the TPT Reference and/or User Guide at the syntax for the CASE statement support.

I think you will be able to see how this is possible in the TPT script language.



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