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rohitbeth 32 posts Joined 10/07
08 May 2009
Tpump - Serialize ?

Hi ppl,Can any of you explain how exactly the serialize option would help in improving performance ? also its funtionality...?Thanks,Rock

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
08 May 2009

The purpose of serialize option is to reduce the locking/blocking overhead between different sessions, with serialize feature you have the ability to specify that all rows with a given PI value gets mapped to the same session. this will save the job from getting tangled up because different sessions trying to lock on the same rowhash.You probably are better off without it if you are loading a table with UPI. (apart from hash synonyms there won't be any collisions).More information is available on the tpump manual.

rohitbeth 32 posts Joined 10/07
10 May 2009

gotcha ..thanks :)Rgrds,RockPS: I was reading the tpump manual..which got me confused..thats what prompted me to use the forum :)

vasudev 24 posts Joined 12/12
28 Jul 2013

TPUMP is doing updates to the PPI table on daily basis. Whether the serialize on multi session TPUMP works fine? My basic question is to understand whether the Serialize work on multiple session TPUMP to the PPI table? Please advise

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